All in one runtimes v2

Runtimes và frameworks are an important component of any language. Runtime libraries are required for a program to run on the Operating System.

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For example, if you want khổng lồ run a Java application, you will need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) & if you want to run a VC++ program, you will need specific VC++ Runtime environment.The most popular runtimes include Visual C++ redistributables for running programs built in VC++, .NET Framework for programs created with Visual Studio .NET Framework and Java Runtime Environment for running programs built in Java.There are less popular runtimes lượt thích Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight (now retired), DirectX & Adobe Shockwave sầu Player.

Some runtimes come pre-installed in Windows while others need lớn be installed. There are two ways to lớn install all the required runtimes at once in Windows. We will discuss both ways here.

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All in One Runtimes

All in One Runtimes (or AIO Runtimes) is an executable script for installing commonly used runtimes và frameworks in Windows.When the All in One Runtimes cài đặt runs, it checks for installed runtimes in Windows and will danh mục down all the runtimes & frameworks that are missing from your PC.

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The program is in German but you will be able to lớn understvà quite easily the two step process of runtime installation. The first step is to select the runtimes lớn install and then cliông xã Install to start the installation process.


Ninite Runtimes downloadNinite Runtimes downloadNinite has a section called Runtime which includes the following:Java 8 JRE.NET 4.8SilverlightAdobe AirAlthough the list is not as long as All in One Runtimes, the installation is pretty simple và smoothly done. You can either go to và customize your software selection lớn be installed, or you can download the following tệp tin which includes all the Runtimes listed above.Download Ninite RuntimesHow vì you install common runtimes & frameworks on your computer?

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