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Download Animal 4D + cards - Animal 4D image creation application that reflects animals in 4 chiều format. Download Animal 4 chiều thẻ for Android and Iphone phones

How khổng lồ download Animal 4D to lớn your device? Animal 4D Is it free? What is this app special? Where to lớn get Animal 4D Cards photos?

Let"s find out below!


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What is Animal 4 chiều +?

Animal 4D for Adroid / IOS phones is an application lớn create 4D animals with cries in 3-dimensional modeon the hotchạy thử phone screens at the moment.

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Animal 4 chiều + is a new application that helps users khổng lồ see 4 chiều - 3-dimensional mirror images that are lifelike with the sound & movement of animals right on their phone screens. App Animal 4D + is highly educational for children, helping them have a more realistic view of the worldview around them. In addition, Animal 4D + also makes learning English names of animals more intuitive, easier for kids, helps them enjoy và absorb better.

Download Animal 4D App lớn your Android phone và iPhone completely free

Download Animal 4D for free Link here

Download Animal 4D Android 86 Mb)

Download Animal 4D + tiện ích to IOS phones (Iphone, Ipad .)https://apps.hãng 303 Mb)

You can download animal 4d phokhổng lồ collection here

Note: During the tải về / tải về of App Animal 4D , your device needs khổng lồ ensure a sufficient amount of memory và stable internet connection, so that the application is properly installed.

Learn more about the App Animal 4 chiều + app và how to use it to create Animal 4 chiều Cards animal images


Animal photo lớn cards

Learn more about the Animal 4D + app

In the past, learning English names for animals could only be done through books alone. Until recent years, there are 4 chiều flashcards  with more fresh and interactive sầu images on hand, but it is still quite boring for children. And until now, flashcards are no longer boring with Octagon 4D + . Created by Octagon Studio , App Animal 4D is a fast và lightweight application that allows you lớn scan animal images & see how animals come to life with cries & lifelượt thích movements right in front of your eyes!

The Animal 4 chiều app gives you an unforgettable experience và will always leave sầu a smile on the faces of children và even adults. App Animal gives you vivid revival animals lượt thích a giraffe or a lion . on the palm of your hvà.

App Animal 4D + is mix up in many languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Bahasa, Dutch, Mandarin, Korean, and French.

Animal 4 chiều + has a 3-dimensional mode, interactive sầu quizzes, optimized performance và sound effects are extremely good.

How to use animal shape 4 chiều Animal cards on Animal 4D application

1. Conditions for successful use of Animal 4D application

First, make sure your phone must have Android 4.0.3 & IOS operating systems and above. Ram: 1 GB . Camera: 5 MPX , in order lớn be able lớn install the Animal 4 chiều Card application .Your phone needs to ensure a sufficient amount of memory và mạng internet connection stability during the application download process.To use the Animal tiện ích, you need lớn prepare two Android or iOS điện thoại phones. Or you can use 1 phone + 1 máy tính bảng iPad, or 1 phone + 1 computer.You need lớn download Animal App on both devices to lớn use it. If you use a phone và a computer, then you install the Animal ứng dụng on the phone, and on the computer you just need to download và save Animal 4 chiều Cards pictures of animals.

2. How khổng lồ use the App Animal 4 chiều application to lớn create Animal 4D Card animal image on the phone screen

Step 1: After you"ve downloaded Animal 4 chiều + lớn both devices . You can use 2 devices as follows:

Device 1 (Phone / Ipad / Computer) : used lớn display pictures of animals - Flash Card 4D.Device 2 (Phone) : Use Camera of Animal 4D + application lớn scan Flash Cards 4 chiều (Images of animals). 4 chiều image will then display on the screen of this phone.

Step 2: Search và save sầu 4D flashcard images on

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You can tìm kiếm on google for the keyword " Photo lớn / 4 chiều Animal Cards ", then upload images, save images Card 4D animals on device 1.

Step 3: Start App Animal 4 chiều + on the phone.

To open the application successfully you need lớn cliông chồng on the word ALLOWED so the application can access some devices on your phone as shown below:




Step 4: xuất hiện the Animal 4D app and clichồng Ok .

You open the Animal application and clichồng Ok khổng lồ skip the notification interface.


Download Animal 4D Card - Interface

The notification tiện ích will then use location services lớn display the animal cards that match your current location. You can cliông chồng OK or press X to turn it off if you do not need it.


Download Animal 4D App - Positioning

Step 5: 3Dize the newly downloaded animal images.

After you have sầu successfully opened the Animal 4D application. At the interface of App Animal 4D, we use the camera on the application to lớn project the Animal 4 chiều Card image on device 1 that has just been downloaded. 3D images of 3D animals vividly with real-life cries và movements will immediately appear on your phone screen.


View animal 4D Card animal images from your phone on the Animal app


View 4D FlashCard animal photos from your computer on App Animal

Also on the upper right corner there is a directory you can visit. This application has a very good reading section for children khổng lồ listen lớn audiovisual very well.

When you clichồng on the icon 3 dashes under the lower left corner of the screen has an image rotation section 90 degrees . Users can zoom in & out of animals as you lượt thích. And best of all, when viewing 4D images on the App Animal app, you can also take photos or record videos on phones viewing 4 chiều images by clicking the Photo or Video ibé in the middle of the bottom of the screen. You will save those beautiful moments (like the picture and đoạn Clip above sầu when using this function).


Images of Flashcard 4D realistic, vivid on Animal 4D

3. Some animal images of Flashthẻ 4D thẻ you can download for không tính phí lớn scan view on App Animal 4 chiều + application.

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Animal Pholớn 4 chiều Card for App Animal 4 chiều +: Phokhổng lồ of Bear


Animal 4D Cards for Animal 4 chiều + application: Download Goat Photo


4D Animal Cards images for App Animal 4D + application: Photo lớn of Lion


And some other 4D Flash Card images for Animal 4D +: Animal 4 chiều Cards monkey, elephant, turtle .





Download Animal 4D + app và use it khổng lồ help children learn & play, stimulating their minds và helping them be more interested in learning the names of animals. Animal 4D card application brings a miniature zoo right on the phone so that the children can have fun without forgetting khổng lồ take advantage of their English learning. It is very useful, isn"t it?

Hopefully, with the above sầu sharing, you will Download Animal 4D successfully và use the application in a fun và effective sầu way!