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AutoCAD 2013 Language Packs

After AutoCAD 2013 is installed, download & install an AutoCAD 2013 language pachồng khổng lồ run AutoCAD in your preferred language.

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For use with AutoCAD 2013, and the AutoCAD software included in the 2013 Design Suites – AutoCAD Design Suite, Product Design Suite, Factory Design Suite, Building Design Suite, Infrastructure Design Suite & Plant Design Suite.

We are also providing a " hotfix " for Content Explorer at the bottom of this tải về page, required after installing an AutoCAD 2013 language pack.

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Installation Instructions:

AutoCAD 2013 must already be installed, either as a standalone hàng hóa, or as part of a 2013 Design Suite.

Select and download one of the language packs below.Double-click on the downloaded EXE tệp tin và cliông xã Install to extract the AutoCAD language paông chồng files.The language paông xã installer will start after the extraction is completed.Cliông xã the “Install” button lớn install the downloaded AutoCAD language paông xã.After installation, you can launch AutoCAD in the selected language by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut created for each language, or from the Windows Start thực đơn .

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autocad_2013_english_languagepack_win_32bit.exe (exe - 54579Kb)
autocad_2013_english_languagepack_win_64bit.exe pháo (exe - 59013Kb)

Brazilian Portuguese (Português - Brasil)

autocad_2013_brazilian_portuguese_language_pack_win_32bit.exe (exe - 55697Kb)
autocad_2013_brazilian_portuguese_language_pack_win_64bit.exe cộ (exe cộ - 60120Kb)

Czech ( Čeština)

autocad_2013_czech_language_pack_win_32bit.exe (exe cộ - 55487Kb)
autocad_2013_czech_language_pack_win_64bit.exe (exe - 59964Kb)

French (Français)

autocad_2013_french_language_pack_win_32bit.exe cộ (exe pháo - 55369Kb)
autocad_2013_french_language_pack_win_64bit.exe pháo (exe cộ - 59806Kb)

German (Deutsch)

autocad_2013_german_language_pack_win_32bit.exe pháo (exe cộ - 55421Kb)
autocad_2013_german_language_pack_win_64bit.exe cộ (exe pháo - 59852Kb)

Hungarian (Magyar)

autocad_2013_hungarian_language_pack_win_32bit.exe pháo (exe pháo - 55882Kb)
autocad_2013_hungarian_language_pack_win_64bit.exe cộ (exe - 60317Kb)

Italian (Italiano)

autocad_2013_italian_language_pack_win_32bit.exe pháo (exe - 55221Kb)
autocad_2013_italian_language_pack_win_64bit.exe (exe - 59811Kb)

Korean (한국어)

autocad_2013_korean_language_pack_win_32bit.exe (exe pháo - 55035Kb)
autocad_2013_korean_language_pack_win_64bit.exe (exe - 59468Kb)

Polish (Polski)

autocad_2013_polish_language_pack_win_32bit.exe pháo (exe - 55468Kb)
autocad_2013_polish_language_pack_win_64bit.exe cộ (exe pháo - 59948Kb)

Russian (Русский)

autocad_2013_russian_language_pack_win_32bit.exe cộ (exe - 55720Kb)
autocad_2013_russian_language_pack_win_64bit.exe pháo (exe pháo - 60162Kb)

Simplified Chinese (简体中文)

autocad_2013_simplified_chinese_language_pack_win_32bit.exe (exe - 54976Kb)
autocad_2013_simplified_chinese_language_pack_win_64bit.exe (exe pháo - 59433Kb)

Spanish (Español)

autocad_2013_spanish_language_pack_win_32bit.exe (exe cộ - 55250Kb)
autocad_2013_spanish_language_pack_win_64bit.exe (exe cộ - 59697Kb)

Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)

autocad_2013_traditional_chinese_language_pack_win_32bit.exe cộ (exe pháo - 55077Kb)
autocad_2013_traditional_chinese_language_pack_win_64bit.exe cộ (exe cộ - 59521Kb) Content Service 2013 Language Paông xã Hotfix

After installing a new language of AutoCAD, Content Explorer may fail lớn work.

Download the multi-lingual Content Service 2013 installer below, and follow the instructions provided in the readme, to address the following issues:

Issue #1 – Cannot apply a downloaded language pack to the Content Service 2013Issue #2 – Content Service 2013 non-English installations from Tools & Utilities are causing a Service Error Local Mismatch
* (zip - 276009Kb)

Readme (select language version):