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Exam preparation is a vital period for candidates who wish khổng lồ obtain an internationally-recognised certificate, specifically the IELTS one. Such candidates will find it less stressful if they can have relevant and beneficial materials in hvà. Basic IELTS — ListeningReadingSpeaking, and Writing have sầu, consequently, been designed to lớn meet your demvà.

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Basic IELTS Speaking

Basic IELTS series aim at

providing IELTS candidates with a basic English language ability,enlarging candidates’ stoông xã of vocabulary, andgiving candidates insight inkhổng lồ the social life & culture of the English-speaking communities.

Basic IELTS series are suitable for those who want lớn achieve sầu a band score of 3.5-4.5 in the IELTS kiểm tra. They are also practical materials for high school students, students of pre-intermediate level, & for those who want khổng lồ build up a solid foundation in their English language competence.

The main features of this series of books are as follows:

Designed in accordance with the nội dung, format & objectives of the IELTS testReflecting the updated IELTS question typesMeeting the demvà and expectations of the focused candidatesContaining authentic, interesting, & rewarding materials

As far as Basic IELTS Speaking is concerned, it is arranged into lớn three parts with a total of five sầu chapters whose themes centre upon different kinds of questions in each part of the IELTS Speaking demo. Especially, varied and well-designed tasks which are typical in the IELTS Speaking thử nghiệm are provided so as khổng lồ facilitate actual tests in the most effective way. Moreover, lists of Useful Words and Expressions provided with their phonetic symbols added below Dialogue Study aim at helping you not only to lớn improve your pronunciation but to lớn give sầu you a chance to lớn check their meanings as well. It is said that the more time you spkết thúc on looking up new words, the better you can understvà and use them. In addition, Useful Sentence Structures enable you to accurately express yourself in English. Last but not least, a table of key khổng lồ the exercises is presented so that you can use them lớn check your work and see your progress day by day.

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Basic IELTS Speaking certainly meets the need of candidates who will sit the Academic Reading Module, but General Training Module candidates can also find it very beneficial.

On completion of Basic IELTS Speaking, you will be able to

vì chưng typical tasks in the IELTS Speaking chạy thử,apply useful tips & techniques in answering questions of the IELTS chạy thử,be well prepared for gaining a higher score in your actual exam, andachieve sầu your desired b& score in the near future

Hopefully, you will find Basic IELTS Speaking truly helpful and rewarding, và you can eventually achieve sầu your desired goal.

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