Browser and documents manager for android

“ FileBrowser"s cài đặt varies for every device, và the automatic wizards work super-well. ”


One phầm mềm to lớn access all your files

Access all your cloud accounts and home page computer storage from one app

Using many apps lớn access all your cloud accounts can be a pain. With FileBrowser you can access all accounts & copy documents freely between any of them. It"s easy to create a new thư mục on Dropbox, for example, and upload a group of photos from your Mac. FileBrowser gives you full control over organising your files and folders.

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Connections include: Windows, Mac, Linux, Time Capsule, Network Drives, SMB2, Google Drive sầu, Google Team Drives, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Box, OneDrive, WebDAV,, FTPhường, FTPS & SFTPhường



Network Drives




Time Capsule

Top Tip: Most WiFi routers can use a USB hard drive sầu as network storage for your trang chính computers and FileBrowser.
“ So Useful và Beautiful Interface Now, with multiple tabs, windows & file movement, it is almost lượt thích having a Finder on máy tính bảng ipad OS. Deserves an unrestrained, "WoW!" ”

FileBrowser"s connectivity options make your ipad the ikhuyến mãi work from trang chính companion.

See how FileBrowser can help

We pride ourselves in the security of our product và the flexibility it provides you. You can mix a startup password, lochồng the My Private Files area, and phối the cấp độ of protection you need. Passwords are stored securely in the iOS KeyChain, but you can choose to enter them each time you connect.

SMB3 Support

FileBrowserGO supports SMB3, allowing you khổng lồ connect khổng lồ encrypted tệp tin shares on Windows 10 và 11. We don"t monitor any network connections or collect any of your data.Read our full privacy policy.

Fast Network Access

Super fast transfer speeds

Our developers have over 25 years experience in file transfer technologies và have made this the fasdemo tệp tin transfer phầm mềm we"ve seen. FileBrowser is even efficient enough to be used over a slow cellular links.

No more copying files inlớn several apps or emailing documents to lớn yourself. Browse your documents on servers or in the cloud with FileBrowser and within 2 taps you can be editing your documents in Word (Excel & Powerpoint too). When you exit, all your changes are saved bachồng lớn the hệ thống or cloud.

It"s this easy
“ Everything you could hope for everything that I could have hoped for in an phầm mềm to lớn make my network drives seem as if they"re integrated inlớn iOS ”

Supercharge the iOS Files app

xuất hiện & edit documents from your network directly inkhổng lồ other apps

FileBrowser extends the iOS Files tiện ích so you can access any of your documents on servers or in the cloud directly within other apps such as ProCreate or Kodex.

Step by step guide

Sync your documents

Always have your documents with you

FileBrowserGO can conveniently Sync files and folders khổng lồ your iPhone or Máy tính bảng iPad. You"ll always have sầu your documents for offline viewing when you need them.

Cloud apps generally require you lớn sync everything but FileBrowserGO lets you choose which folders you want to lớn sync. Sync works with all connection types.

Sync feature only available in FileBrowserGO Sync your documents
“ Simply the best This is by far the best of its kind. It outpaces every other file organiser I"ve sầu used over the last n years, and the most recent improvements lift it into the astral realm! ”

Browse your photos over WiFi

Share them with the whole family via Airplay or Chromecast

Do you transfer all your photos lớn your main computer when you get bachồng from Holiday? FileBrowser makes this really easy.

More phokhổng lồ features

Easily Backup your photos

Use our backup feature to lớn sync your photos to lớn a home page computer or the cloud

Backing up all your photos, videos and memories can be a chore. With FileBrowserGO simply choose where on your trang chủ computer or the cloud you would lượt thích to lớn backup lớn và FileBrowserGO will take care of it.

You can choose khổng lồ backup everything or particular folders such as your Camera Roll or Favorites.

Show me how

Watch Videos và Movies

View on Máy tính bảng iPad or stream lớn Chromecast or AirPlay

Sit bachồng và enjoy holiday videos & photos mixed in the same thư mục with FileBrowser"s slideshow feature.

Stream full-length movies lớn your screen using Chromecast or AirPlay. FileBrowser also has tư vấn for subtitle files và language selection.

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“ Best of its kind Looked at several other file browsing apps - none of them came cthua thảm lớn the ease of use and functionality of this one. ”

Effortlessly explore music on your trang chính computer or network drive sầu, queue tracks to lớn your iPhone/ipad tablet or select a Chromecast or AirPlay speaker khổng lồ stream to lớn.

Copy files lớn FileBrowser for offline playbaông chồng. It will also remember the last playbaông chồng position, great for listening to lớn podcasts or audiobooks on the go.

Adjust playbachồng speed with automatic pitch adjustment, allowing you lớn tốc độ up podcasts or slow-down music lớn learn it.

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Import your playlists và filter your music collection with our dedicated Music Streaming tiện ích, MusicStreamer try it không tính tiền today.

Get lớn your documents no matter where you are

Secure access khổng lồ your private cloud

If you would like khổng lồ access files stored on your Mac or PC while you are away from trang chính, use our simple steps khổng lồ install ZeroTier for secure, encrypted access from your máy tính bảng ipad / iPhone. FileBrowser"s efficient network access means that you can browse folders & view files even over a cellular connection.

Simple Setup

Copy files from iPad tablet to iPad

Browse và copy files & folders between devices

AirDrop is useful khổng lồ transfer a file from one device lớn another, and FileBrowser is also able to send and receive sầu an entire thư mục over AirDrop. For more flexibility when copying files, use FileBrowser"s built-in file hệ thống on one device and connect using the wizard from another device.

It"s easy to copy files from iPhone lớn iPad

Friendly support

This is a rare thing on the AppStore

We pride ourselves on the unique of our apps và want you to lớn have the best experience. Have sầu you emailed an tiện ích developer và received no response? If our support pages don"t resolve sầu your problem, we will vì our best lớn help you via email when you need it.

See our help pages
Multiple language support

FileBrowser has been professionally translated inlớn the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese & Japanese, supporting over 1 million users worldwide.


We put significant effort inlớn supporting our visually impaired users and are always delighted to lớn hear how well FileBrowser works with iOS VoiceOver.

“ FileBrowser will get you started in seconds. And with enough features (like full-tư vấn for every iOS tệp tin format and most other formats too), it"s a solid phầm mềm to use. ”

FileBrowser Pro is now available for Mac

All your Cloud Storage in one app

Browse and access all your cloud storage, such as GoogleDrive sầu, OneDrive for Business và many others from one Mac app.

Learn more >
Use our API

If you need tệp tin access in your apps why not speak to us about using our tệp tin mangement API. See our API page for more.

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