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Google Chrome Download Manager Extensions (2020)

There are two types of download manager Chrome extensions that are available. The first kind is the standalone download manager Chrome extensions that vị not require you to lớn tải về a complimentary ứng dụng. The second kind is the tải về manager apps that come with Chrome extensions to lớn help catch the download files. In this article, we are going to mô tả with you both of these extensions so you can choose the one you want. But before we get lớn our danh mục there’s something I would like to lớn discuss further:

Using Chrome Flags to Improve sầu Chrome Downloads

While it’s true that Chrome doesn’t have a good download manager, you can make it better using a Chrome Flag. For the unfamiliar, Chrome Flags are experimental features that Google is testing at any given time. You can play with these flags khổng lồ get access to features that are still in development.

There’s a flag called “Parallel downloading” that you can enable to accelerate tải về tốc độ by breaking the files into smaller chunks, similar to how IDM & other download managers work. This is great for users who don’t want to lớn use third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ extensions. You can find this flag by going khổng lồ chrome://flags page & then searching for it.With that out of the way, let’s get khổng lồ our menu, shall we?

Standalone Download Manager Chrome Extensions

1. Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download Manager is simply the best tải về manager Chrome extension. It has got all the useful features and works exceptionally well. Generally, standalone extensions don’t work as good as a separate program, but in our testing, it was pretty stable and performed without any lag. The tải về process is simple & intuitive. All you have lớn bởi is click on a links, and it will start downloading the file right away. You can find all your downloads by clicking on the extension on the top-right corner. 
There is also a sniffer mode which lets you inspect for downloadable liên kết in a webpage. It can download 20 files at once, and if you want khổng lồ increase the concurrent download limit, you can bởi vì so. Besides, we stopped & resumed pending downloads multiple times, và it didn’t break the connection so that’s great. Chrono Download Manager supports all kinds of files either it’s video, image, zip, etc. In addition, there is an extension filter which lets you customize the type of files it will tải về. All in all, it’s a complete chrome download manager in itself & works for the most part.

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2. Online Download Manager

Online Download Manager is another extension in our menu which is decent and provides a few basic controls to the user. The performance is good enough with decent tốc độ, but sometimes it lags while opening the download manager. The good thing is that you can manage all your downloads with just a click on the extension, no need to lớn leave your current window. Apart from that, you can filter out the tệp tin types that you want to lớn download. Do note that Online Download Manager doesn’t tư vấn downloads from popular media websites including YouTube. However, if you want a simple tải về manager which can put all your downloads a clichồng away, you can try this extension.
Install: (Free)

3. Turbo Download Manager (v2)

Turbo Download Manager (v2) is a simple extension which clubs all your downloads in a small window và provides basic controls. It is a multi-thread tải về manager with a built-in audio, đoạn phim, & image grabber. You can start, pause and resume multiple downloads without fear of breaking the connection. Apart from that, it offers notifications for download completion, a handy search bar, và a filter lớn categorize your downloads. If you are looking for a simple download manager which can be accessed by just a cliông xã, Download Manager is for you.

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Install: (Free)

4. VLC Video Downloader

VLC Video Downloader is a dedicated download manager Chrome extension that can tải về truyền thông from popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. However, it doesn’t support truyền thông sharing websites like YouTube so keep that in mind before installing this extension. When it comes to lớn catching downloads on Chrome, the extension does the job perfectly. It’s best suited for streams and other live sầu media programs as it directs the liên kết from an online player khổng lồ VLC media player which we all use & love sầu. If you are interested in online downloading đoạn Clip files, you can also kiểm tra out “Video Downloader professional” extension (free). I found it perfect for downloding videos from Facebook and Instagram.
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