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Recruit, train, và lead a team of flawed heroes through twisted forests, forgotten warrens, ruined crypts, and beyond. You'll battle not only unimaginable foes, but ức chế, famine, disease, và the ever-encroaching dark. Uncover strange mysteries, and pit the heroes against an array of fearsome monsters with an innovative sầu strategic turn-based combat system.


The Affliction System – battle not only monsters, but stress! Contover with paranoia, masochism, fear, irrationality, and a host of gameplay-meaningful quirks!Striking hand-drawn gothic crowquill art styleInnovative turn-based combat pits you against a host of diabolical monstersNarration system to celebrate your successes...and failuresRest your weary, shell-shocked characters in town at the Tavern or the Abbey khổng lồ keep their ức chế in check.Classic CRPG và roguelượt thích features, including character permadeath, procedural dungeons, and incredible replay



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The Musketeer is a FREE DLC hero class which was only available to lớn upper-tier Kickstarter backers. She is complete, high unique re-skin of the Arbalest class.
Original 'Darkest Dungeon' score by veteran composer Stuart Chatwood. This DLC contains all 25 tracks (MP3/FLAC) from across all the Darkest Dungeon releases. Recently Updated lớn include the 2 new Butcher's Circus tracks!
What madness awaits those who venture forward lớn find the out fate of The Miller và his farmhands? Battle your way towards the crash site and venture between time & space to find what lies at the epicenter of this new creeping crystalline aberration!

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