Dengeki bunko fighting climax ignition

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a game by French Bread
Platform: Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 Reviews
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 5 votes
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In the realm of 2 chiều fighting games, notoriety is relatively limited. I, myself, have likely only played a couple over the past few years aside from Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax but without nearly as much enjoyment. This game is honestly a lot of fun for what it offers and a few of the mechanics that it uses, which was quite relevant for me since I have sầu limited experience with this genre. For the most part, it is widely accessible through these mechanics despite having what it likely a small Western audience. Even if, lượt thích me, you previously had only some interactions with other 2 chiều fighter titles – namely the Guilty Gear or BlazBlue series – or perhaps none at all, what makes DBFC special is newcomers can quickly get invested too. It is a bit out there compared to traditional fighters but doesn’t totally breakdown the genre with new ideas.

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A Dream Crossover

Fighters for this game were chosen from a wide variety of popular animes, notably from the Toradora!, Sword Art Online, & The Irregular at Magic High School.


Already, it becomes clear that the developers were aiming lớn attract a wider audience, as there are nearly trăng tròn different animes represented here. This is also the result of them coming off their previous projects, Guilty Gears và Under Night In-Birth ExeLate, which are both well known for being intricately crafted 2D fighters. DBFC takes a different approach entirely, opting for a simpler battle scheme by removing subtle/difficult to lớn pull off combos & instead inserting the ‘climax arts’ system. This change was quite significant because it was done effectively instead of being reductive.

With such a focus on simpler gameplay, many titles fall inlớn the trap of becoming button mashers, which can still be fun but laông chồng nuance. DBFC manages to lớn retain the finer points that make it an innovative sầu title while also enabling wider audiences khổng lồ play with a smaller learning curve sầu. Additionally, and unsurprisingly, the graphics và art kiến thiết of this game are fantastic. Some of the stages look a bit off, but that’s hardly a detractor given the justice done khổng lồ each character.

The Roster

The choice of characters for this game was honestly good, though many of them seem to lớn follow a similar trkết thúc of being a ‘dễ thương anime girl’ which somewhat takes away from their presence. However, this also begins lớn outline one of the weaker points of this title. Since so much of the game was created in favor of simplithành phố and action, there’s a bit of a lapse that occurs between choosing new characters.

Bottom Line

I personally have sầu not seen many of the shows which the characters come from (save sầu for some Sword Art Online and an inkling of the others), but even if I had, there isn’t a ton of variety to lớn their attacks.


Most of them suffer from having nearly identical attacks that are simply a different color outside of the climax arts. This isn’t exactly unacceptable, but for a fighting game, it really takes away the incentive sầu khổng lồ care about switching characters. Regardless, it was one minor slipup in an otherwise great game.

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If you’re inlớn 2 chiều fighters, you ought khổng lồ give sầu DBFC because of how much care clearly went inkhổng lồ its thiết kế. Its not nearly as complex as its predecessors, but it truly shines in its accessibility to lớn any player despite the fact that this aspect takes away from its originality.


Great designClimax arts were neatWidely accessible lớn any player at any level of experience


Roster was large, but characters hardly different in terms of play styleStage choices seemed out of place at times