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DevExtreme Gantt - Export to lớn PDF, Task Appearance, & Scrolling Enhancements (v21.1)

This post summarizes the newest features/capabilities of DevExtreme Gantt v21.1 including its ability to export content to lớn PDF, customize task appearance settings, & scroll lớn a specific date

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Pursuit of Optimum Performance

Performance always matters for CodeRush. Productivity tools, by their very definition, should not slow you down. With the recent CodeRush migration to Microsoft’s Roslyn engine, we eliminated the cost of maintaining an array of language infrastructures…

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WPF Tips & Tricks (May – June 2021)

WPF-related tips, interesting support tickets, and documentation updates

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Blazor Rich Text Editor for Word, RTF, and Text document editing (available in v21.1)

As you may already know, our most recent Blazor release (v21.1) ships with a new Rich Text Editor component for Blazor (available as a Community Tech Previews - CTP). Much lượt thích its ASP.NET MVC counterpart, this new Blazor component supports popular document formats (DOCX, RTF, TXT) and allows you khổng lồ incorporate a Microsoft Word-inspired user experience within your Blazor Server applications

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Nächste Woche: Deutscher Live-Stream zu TestCafé mit Gregor Biswanger

Please note: the following post is written in German language, announcing a third-buổi tiệc ngọt event hosted by the German consultant Gregor Biswanger. Please forgive sầu this rare occurrence if you don’t underst& German. Testen ist mühsam, langwierig, anstrengend…

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WPF Scheduler – On-Demvà Data Loading

Late last year (v20.2), we added on-demvà data loading tư vấn to our WPF Scheduler control. In this post, we’ll describe how you can use the WPF Scheduler’s API to configure data loading lô ghích within your WPF tiện ích.

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Reporting — Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation with The Help of Report Design Analyzer (v21.1)

To improve sầu the report-kiến thiết experience & make it more intuitive, we analyzed tech tư vấn traffic over the last few years and discovered a set of basic design-related issues – problems that could be resolved with ease directly within the Report Designer.Our new Report Design Analyzer (available in v21.1) extends the capabilities of our Script Errors panel & allows you lớn uncover key design-related issues with relative sầu ease.

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DevExtreme DataGrid và TreeList - Pager Enhancements & New Data Editing API (v21.1)

In this short blog post we"ll Review both data Pager & data editing API-related enhancements introduced in our v21.1 release cycle. Should you have sầu any technical questions related to items covered in this post, please submit a tư vấn ticket via the Support Center. We will be happy lớn follow-up

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WinForms Tips và Tricks — Virtual Keyboard và New Customer Cases

In this post we"ll share some of the more interesting customer requests we"ve sầu received over the past couple of months. And as a bonus, we’ll show you how to create a virtual keyboard for your app. Customer Usage Scenarquả táo How to lớn check whether…

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.NET MAUI - FREE Early Access Preview of Multi-Platkhung App UI Controls (v21.2)

In this post, I’ll describe some of the MAUI controls we expect khổng lồ ship in November 2021 và describe how you can get your hands on an early access pĐánh Giá (EAP) today . Before I begin, however, two quick reminders: Our Xamarin UI components are available…

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WinForms Deprecation Notice — Classic Visual Styles

Many of our experienced customers know that you can use the WinForms UserLookAndFeel API to enable "classic" visual styles ("Flat", "UltraFlat", "XP", etc.) for an individual control or an entire application…

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Reporting — Row-Level Security in Multi-User Applications with the Web Report Designer (v21.1)

Considering SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for your tiện ích delivery model? If so, this post summarizes multi-tenant related enhancements introduced in Reports v21.1.

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Blazor - Official Release, Free Offer, and Future Plans

I"m happy lớn announce the official release of UI for Blazor. To help celebrate Blazor official launch at #dotnetconf, we"re offering our this release to lớn our customers free-of-charge!

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v21.1 is Here. Experience it Today

We are proud to lớn announce the immediate availability of Universal v21.1, our award-winning software development platform for .NET & Visual Studio developers. With numerous new products & dozens of high-impact features, v21.1 allows you to lớn build your best, without limits or compromise. From the desktop, the web or your di động world, dev tools help you address a broad range of usage scenartiện ích ios và deliver intuitive solutions that amaze.

What"s New in v21.1

TestCafe Studio is Here

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of TestCafe Studio – our next-gen automated web testing framework. To learn more about TestCafe Studio & experience its capabilities first hvà, feel không tính tiền khổng lồ tải về a no-cost 30-day evaluation version today.

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Perfected Desktop UI Components

for WinForms, WPF, & Delphi VCL

Create elegant, high-impact user experiences & emulate the capabilities of today’s most popular business productivity apps with UI components for WinForms, WPF, & Delphi VCL.



WinForms Suite (includes 190+ controls và 60+ chart types) WPF Suite (includes 120+ controls và 50+ chart types) WinUI Suite (includes 10+ controls và trăng tròn chart types) VCL Suite (includes 230+ controls)

Blazor – MVC – Web Forms

When only the Best will Do

Deliver responsive sầu, interactive sầu & high-performance line-of-business web applications with UI components for Blazor, ASP.NET Vi xử lý Core, ASP..NET Web Forms and MVC.



Blazor (includes 35+ components & 20+ chart types) ASP..NET MVC (includes 70+ extensions và 60+ chart types) ASP..NET Web Forms (includes 110+ controls và 60+ chart types) ASP.NET Core (includes 70+ components and 20 chart types) Bootstrap Web Forms (includes 45+ controls and 20+ chart types)

Reporting và Dashboard

for Windows, the Web và Your Smartphone World

Deliver high-performance decision support systems và analytics dashboards across platforms & devices with our fully integrated suite of UI controls, reporting tools & dashboards.