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SmugMug, the new owner of Flickr, announced plans recently lớn limit không tính tiền accounts khổng lồ 1000 photos or videos on the site instead of the previously used threshold of 1 Terabyte of storage on Flickr"s servers. The company stated that the change would affect existing và new accounts, and that it would start khổng lồ delete photos and videos from accounts if the limit was exceeded.

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Only the 1000 most recent photo or đoạn phim uploads by không tính phí tài khoản users would remain on the site. Free members have sầu until February 5, 2019 to lớn download truyền thông from Flickr; this is especially important for users who don"t have sầu access to local copies of uploaded photos or videos anymore.

Not all không lấy phí Flickr users are affected by the change. Flickr noted in the announcement that about 3% of all miễn phí users exceeded the 1000 truyền thông limit that the company picked. Affected users have sầu a couple of options khổng lồ giảm giá with the issue: from upgrading to a Pro account with unlimited storage over deleting data on the site to lớn downloading a backup of the entire media library to lớn the local system.


Flickr users can tải về all photos and videos that they uploaded lớn the service. The process requires that users request a copy of their data on the Flickr trang web & download the copy lớn the local system once it is provided.

The following part explains how that is done in detail:

Select the protệp tin inhỏ in the top right corner và Settings in the thực đơn that opens. You can loadài khoản directly as well lớn go straight lớn the Account page.Activate "Request my Flickr data" on the page lớn request a copy of your data. Flickr notes that the backup includes information that "Flickr has about your account" including "account preferences, protệp tin information" và "photos và videos". The button text changes khổng lồ "Flickr data requested" on activation.Flickr informs you by tin nhắn when the backup is ready.

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The processing may take quite a bit of time even for accounts with just a few photos. It is likely that many miễn phí users that are impacted by the change requested the creation of an archive sầu of their truyền thông media so that they can tải về it to lớn the local system.

One of the main limitations of Flickr"s data export tool is that it is an all or nothing approach; there is no option lớn create an archive sầu of all excess images only or images uploaded in a specific year.

The second option that you have is khổng lồ tải về all photos or videos of individual albums. Flickr limits the number of items that you can download this way to lớn 5000 và asks users to lớn create multiple albums lớn divide photos and videos on them so that all can be downloaded.

Select You > Albums on the Flickr website khổng lồ get started and display all albums on the site.Either hover the mouse over an album & select the tải về icon, or open an album và select the download ibé on the page that opens.Flickr displays a short prompt that informs you that it will zip all items và sover you an gmail with the tải về link once the archive is ready. Hit "Create zip file" khổng lồ continue.

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The archive sầu creation may take a while as well. You need to lớn repeat the steps for each of your archives if you plan lớn download them all.