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We believe sầu the best way khổng lồ learn isn’t done reading textbooks or listening khổng lồ lectures. We believe the best learning is accomplished by doing the real thing.

For example, if you want khổng lồ learn how to ride a xe đạp, reading a book or listening to a lecture won’t help very much. Sure, you can learn some high-màn chơi theory about balance, stability, & the structural integrity of the bike… but it won’t help you overcome your fears of falling down.

The only way to lớn learn how to ride a xe đạp is khổng lồ go outside, hop on a bike và start khổng lồ pedal.

Investing works the same way.

You can read books about investing or listen to lớn podcasts from day traders or watch YouTube videos on how to lớn use stochồng trading software...

… but the only way khổng lồ learn how to invest in the stoông chồng market or purchase your first real estate investment property is khổng lồ vị it.


Or is it?

Scraping your knee after falling down might hurt, but it won’t leave you in financial ruin lượt thích an investing mistake can.

That’s why we designed CASHFLOW, lớn teach the basics of investing through real world scenarquả táo which allow you lớn test your financial knowledge và learn from your mistakes—all without losing your own money.

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Why Should You Play CASHFLOW Classic?

Playing the CASHFLOW Classic không tính tiền online game will help you…

Learn how to lớn invest without losing your money

Why haven’t you started khổng lồ invest?

Is it lack of capital? Finding time?

Perhaps, but we believe the primary reason most people never begin investing isn’t a laông chồng of money or motivation but overcoming their fears of making a mistake.

Unlike in real life, when you play CASHFLOW Classic, you won’t feel the painful humiliation—và monetary loss—you experience when you make the wrong piông chồng in the stock market or your real estate investment doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.

Practice buying và selling stocks or investing in real estate for capital gains or cash flow as many times as you like. Simulate how you would handle real investing opportunities before you shell out your hard earned money.

It’s fun, safe, và không tính tiền lớn play.

But learning how to lớn invest isn’t the only reason to play CASHFLOW Classic.


Understvà the difference between how the rich, the poor và the middle-class make money

Have sầu you ever wondered how the rich earn so much money?

As the first chapter of Rich Dad Poor Dad states, the rich don’t work for money.

If the rich don’t work for money, what bởi vì they work for?

Cash-flowing assets, or passive income.

See, while most people earn a paykiểm tra at a job, the rich earn money by acquiring cash-flowing assets to cover their expenses.

And that’s the strategy khổng lồ winning CASHFLOW Classic: earn enough money through passive sầu income lớn cover your monthly expenses.

Discover why it’s not how much you make—but how much you keep—that makes you rich

Just lượt thích the rich don’t earn money lượt thích most people… they don’t spend money lượt thích most people, either.

For example, most people assume a high-paying profession lượt thích a doctor or lawyer will allow them lớn get out of the Rat Race faster than a humble profession lượt thích a teacher or mechanic.

Though doctors and lawyers earn a higher salary than other professions, they are also stuông chồng with higher expenses, as a result. This includes a bigger mortgage on their house, higher oto payments, & school loans to name a few.

So while most people think trying khổng lồ earn more money is the triông xã to attaining financial freedom, the rich know it’s not how much you make but what you vì with what you make.


Realize that gameplay reflects your behavior in real life

And how vày the rich acquire assets in real life?

The rich spend the money remaining after they pay their monthly expenses và invest it. Instead of buying doodads và liabilities like a bigger house, faster oto, or a more lavish vacation, they have sầu their money work for them.

The rich seize opportunities that the poor and the middle-class can’t see. Opportunities that are available to lớn everyone… but it’s simply that most of us haven’t been trained to see them… yet.

Playing CASHFLOW Classic can show you how khổng lồ see opportunities where you previously couldn’t see them.

Sounds great, but can a miễn phí, online educational game really do all that?

Yes! By playing CASHFLOW Classic, you will...

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Gamify Your Education Through The Power nguồn of Play

School wasn’t created lớn provide a creative sầu environment for complex problem solving.

It was actually developed so out-of-touch school administrators could develop cookie-cutter curriculums built upon Industrial Age subjects to lớn make us good-little employees.

And how did they choose khổng lồ “educate” us?

Using static, passive sầu teaching methods like reading books & listening lớn lectures.

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Which works for some... if you can read a book và memorize historical dates & figures.

But the fact is that not everyone learns that way. Some people can read a textbook once và remember everything they read. Most people, however, learn best by doing the real thing.

So, if you want to lớn learn how to lớn invest, you need to know how to lớn make trades.

Likewise, if you want khổng lồ invest in real estate, you need to understvà the difference between investing for capital gains or for cash flow.

But where can you learn to lớn invest without spending money on a collection of books or attending a boring seminar?

Through gameplay!

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How To Play CASHFLOW Classic: Rules of The Game

Choose your dream

Once you join (or start) a không tính phí online game of CASHFLOW Classic, the first thing you need to do is choose your dream.

Your dream is the reason for taking on the challenge of escaping the Rat Race. It’s your why.

Piông xã a Small or Big Deal

Next, roll the dice! When you are presented with an opportunity to lớn take advantage of a Small Deal or a Big Deal, rethành viên the goal: you want khổng lồ acquire passive sầu income that covers your monthly expenses.

Earned Income

Watch your income grow with with every roll. Just don’t plan on saving it to lớn win the game.

Give to Charity

Lvà on the charity spot & donate 10% of your total income. Roll 1 or 2 die over your next 3 turns to get more opportunities lớn create wealth.

Follow the Market

You’ve sầu purchased some stochồng, started a business, & bought some real estate properties… now it’s time to lớn collect on your investments.

Buy low and sell high? Only if you’re using the cash to lớn purchase bigger deals.

Live sầu Life in the Fast Track

Once you get enough Small và Big Deals lớn cover your expenses, you’ve done it! You’re out of the Rat Race & living life in the Fast Traông chồng.

How does the Fast Trachồng work?

There are no such things as Small Deals on the Fast Traông chồng. Piông xã & choose how much cash flow you want coming in each month to get you closer to achieving your dream.

That’s how you get out of the Rat Race & win at CASHFLOW.

Who should play CASHFLOW Classic?

If you don’t know anything about investing but have sầu a desire lớn learn, there is no better way than joining a free online game of CASHFLOW Classic.

The game is designed for anyone over the age of 14 lớn play và is the best online game for families và friends khổng lồ challenge each other for financial IQ supremacy.

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What Makes CASHFLOW Classic The Best Free Online Investing Game?

Take family game night on the go

Start a không tính phí, online multiplayer game with family & friends. Or enter a game with up khổng lồ 5 other lượt thích minded people from anywhere across the globe.

You can even play against the computer if you prefer.

No matter if you’re challenging cthua trận family or a friendly foe—down the hallway of your house or across the continental divide—a quichồng online game of CASHFLOW Classic can make family game night the igiảm giá khuyến mãi bonding experience.

Never let distance separate you & your loved ones from some friendly competition again.

Play time —anytime, anywhere

Free online games of CASHFLOW Classic are played 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

All you need is a desktop, tablet or điện thoại thông minh device with an mạng internet connection and—Bam!—you can join one of the best online financial games on the planet.

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What makes CASHFLOW Classic different?


How would we categorize CASHFLOW Classic? Is it a stoông chồng market games? Educational game? Business game? Investing game? Is it a game about money?

In a word—yes!

It´s all of those things and more.

Learn the dangers of buying high and selling low before you put your hard earned money inlớn the stoông chồng market “game”.

Do you think you have a hàng hóa idea that will mix you and your family up for generations lớn come? Discover the basics of a cash flow statement, ROI, và entrepreneurship before you enter the game of business.

Looking lớn spend time playing & learning at the same time? CASHFLOW Classic is the educational game you´ve sầu been looking for.

Searching for “investing games”? CASHFLOW Classic has you covered. It is the ideal money game that not only shows you how money works through simulation but how you can apply it in real life.

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