C​i​m​c​o​ ​e​d​i​t​ ​c​r​a​c​k

CIMCO Edit is a powerful CNC program editor which provides a phối of advanced editing tools necessary for meeting the demands of modern CNC program editing. The program offers all the essential functions expected from text editor such as multi-pane tabbed layout, and dynamic toolbars & menus.

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It features math functions, drag-and-drop text editing, includes CNC code specific options, and also has no program size limitations. In addition, CIMCO is also highly flexible, configurable and adaptable lớn any environment existing CNC program editing.

CIMCO Edit v7 is the latest version of the program, that includes new & powerful tools such as new NC-Assistant programming tool which makes editing NC code faster & easier than ever. CIMCO Edit 7 has new multi-pane tabbed layout, has new capabilities for reliable RS-232 communications, dynamic toolbars and menus, & much more.

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Key features:

3 chiều Mill / 2 chiều Lathe backplotter handlesAutomatically reflected in the plotCompletely configurable và adaptableConfigurable side-by-side tệp tin compareContinuous forward and reverse plottingCreate your custom cycles and macrosFeatures math functions (rotate, mirror, etc.)Insert and edit complex cycles và operationsModify CNC values/codes interactivelyNo program size limitations & optionsProvides all the essential editing toolsSupport drag-and-drop text editingSupports solid visualization of NC codeWork faster và easier than ever beforeWork with modern CNC program editingWork with multiple machines simultaneouslyAnd much more.

What’s new in CIMCO Edit v7:

Advanced standard protocolAdvanced tool scanning optionsFlexible commands configurationNew comprehensive help systemNew optimized editor engineNew user interface designSolid simulation và animationOther bug fixes và improvements



Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)2 GHz multi-core processor1 GB RAM400 MB disk spaceOpenGL 2.0

How to install/Activate:

Disconnect from Internet (most important)Unpachồng & install the program (run setup)Don’t run yet, exit the program if runningRun as admin the Patch (found on Crack) and applyAlways blochồng the program in your firewall!

Download links – 263.9 MB