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Dream League Soccer 2017 is one of the best soccer games available on Android devices. The game has fantasy football elements with the ability to lớn manage và trade players. One major advantage of the game is the ability to lớn play offline.

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The goodGreat graphics & user interface.Excellent gameplay & control.Ability khổng lồ manage the team & trade players.Ability to play the game offline with friends via the WiFi.The badOnly a few levels available.
If you"re looking for a great soccer game on your Android device, your tìm kiếm is over! So many football enthusiasts & gamers choose to install Dream League Soccer on their phones & tablets. Due to lớn its stunning graphics, great gameplay, và continuous updates, it is considered one of the best soccer games currently available.

Get started with Dream League Soccer

Once you"ve installed the game on your device, you"ll need khổng lồ sign in to lớn your Google Play Games trương mục. This guarantees that you won"t thua thảm your progress and allows you khổng lồ continue playing with any other device.

When you log in to the game for the first time, you have sầu over 1000 game currencies that you can use to lớn sign contracts with new players. The game suggests that you start developing your stadium from the start. However, we vị not recommkết thúc this as it is better lớn focus on developing your team first và later developing the stadium.

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Dream League Soccer 2017 levels 

The first matches you will have in the game are with low-grade clubs which allows you khổng lồ develop your skills and your team. After getting in the top three of the first level, you will move sầu to the next màn chơi which will be more challenging. During your quest, you will end up playing against big clubs such as FC Barcelomãng cầu, Real Madrid C.F., Juventus F.C., và other clubs.

Team management and trading players

To attract new players lớn your team, you need lớn have sầu enough currency lớn sign contracts with them. To bởi vì this, you need lớn play as many games as possible. You can also view in-game ads that will reward you with gold coins. It is important to find new players khổng lồ develop your team. However, you should be careful about which player you choose. Each player has a position in the field that is identified by colors:

Red is a striker.Yellow is a midfielder.Green is a defender.Blue is a goalkeeper.

There is also a special way lớn improve your players" skills in many aspects such as miễn phí kiông chồng, penalty, corner kicks, và other skills.

Build your dream stadium

You will be able lớn advance khổng lồ a new level unless you develop your stadium khổng lồ meet the criteria of the new cấp độ. Your stadium can also generate a lot of cash from the matches held on it, so by a bigger stadium, you can have sầu cash more per match. Eventually, you will have sầu a stadium that can hold 80,000 spectators which will generate 45 coins per match.

Play offline with friends via WiFi

One of the best features of Dream League Soccer 2017 is the ability lớn challenge your friends offline via the WiFi connection. This feature combines the excitement of the game with the joy of playing against a friend.

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Download Dream League Soccer 2017

Get the lathử nghiệm version of the exciting & full-featured Dream League Soccer 2017 6.13 with a direct and fast download links via by clicking the tải về button on this page.