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a game by Electronic Arts Canada
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 6 votes
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As Is The lot of the PC game thủ, this isn"t the same game that is currently looking very tasty on the next-gen consoles, but as ever is instead the umpteenth iteration of "old" FIFA. As if to emphasise the point, our review copy announced itself with an all-singing intro Clip that ended with the words FIFA 08 emblazoned on our PC"s screen.

We spent a couple of minutes making sure the game was indeed FIFA 09, & that there were indeed some features quality to the PC: specifically two all-new mouse & keyboard control systems, perhaps included as an acknowledgment that it"s virtually impossible to satisfactorily phối up a joypad.First up, you can control the player with the keyboard và pass using the mouse, something that is initially like trying khổng lồ simultaneously rub your belly & pat your head. However, with practice it becomes vaguely manageable, enabling you khổng lồ genuinely play the ball into space. Furthermore, in what seems lượt thích a Wii-style gimmiông xã, tricks are performed by holding down the middle mouse button và "drawing" the triông chồng on screen - so sketching a circle will result in a 360° turn, for instance.

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Mouse Trap

A nonsense, but there"s more, with a mouse-oriented mode that sees the player in possession haplessly chasing the cursor as yqu make him dance around the pitch.

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It"s a bit like driving a car with your tongue, but perversely is all the more satisfying if you manage lớn score. All the same, while it"s gratifying lớn see some concessions made khổng lồ the PC, we struggle to see either control method replacing the humble joypad.This year, goal feasts seem to be the order of the day, as the Đánh Giá kicked off with a 4-3 win, followed by a succession of high-scoring affairs, accompanied by the crowd singing the sanitised, "You"re so bad it"s unbelievable."

Elsewhere, the Be A Pro mode (where you control one player over the season) is still an utterly absurd concept, và there"s a footwear-sponsored live sầu update feature that also enables you to buy further leagues. The commentary is still the best around, the graphics are OK, & there are about 10 million official licenses. All the same, we"ve seen it all before. What year is it again?