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Gotsay mê Font is a Sans-serif phông created by American designer Tobias Frere Jones & Jesse Ragan. It was released in 2000 with a broad kiến thiết comprising wide x-height và founded by a Thủ đô New York foundry, Hoefler & Co. Since its release, it has been extensively used và is visible in different notable places.

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It gained immense popularity after being used in Obama’s campaign of 2008. It contains an extended family of fonts comprising 8 weights, 4 widths, và a rounded version same as we see in avenir fonts. If you want lớn get access lớn more than 5 families of Gotsi mê Font, you need khổng lồ purchase a license first. Furthermore, you can create many Gottê mê fonts logos by using Gotsi Font Generator không tính phí of cost.

Usage of Gottê mê Font

There is a long menu of places where this phông has been used since its release. In 2008 it got immense popularity when it was used in Obama’s presidential speech campaign. Afterwards, many notable companies got their hands on this fonts. It is also featured in the men’s international magazine, GQ.

In 2004, it was highlighted on New York’s main building, Freedom Tower, that captured everyone’s attention. Wherever the font is used, it received huge admiration & popularity from everyone. You can also use this phông for your website where you want khổng lồ make the content prominent.

It comprises many styles, including Gottê mê Extra Light Italic, Gotđê mê Book, Gotyêu thích Thin Italic, Gotmê man Book, and others. Furthermore, it contains different variations, including Gotmê man Rounded, Gotđắm say Narrow, Gotham mê X-Narrow, Gotđam mê Bold, & others.

Gotmê mệt Font Family View


Gotđê mê Font View

Font Information

NameGotmê man Font
DesignerTobias Frere-Jones
StyleGeometric sans-serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

The fonts is không lấy phí khổng lồ use for personal work. However, in order to lớn get your hands on its extended family, you need lớn purchase a license first, after which you can use this font anywhere you want.

Gotmê mệt Font Family (Includes 66 Typeface)

Gotđê mê ThinGotsay đắm Thin ItalicGotham Extra LightGotham mê Extra Light ItalicGotmê say LightGotsi Light ItalicGotham BookGotđắm đuối Book ItalicGotsay đắm MediumGotyêu thích Medium ItalicGotmê say Bold ItalicGotsay mê BlackGotđam mê BlackGotđê mê Black ItalicGotham mê UltraGotmê say Ultra ItalicGotham mê Narrow Thin ItalicGotđắm đuối Narrow Extra LightGotđê mê Narrow Extra Light ItalicGotmê mệt Narrow LightGottê mê Narrow Light ItalicGotham mê Narrow BookGotđắm đuối Narrow Book ItalicGotham Narrow MediumGotsi Narrow Medium ItalicGotđam mê Narrow BoldGottê mê Narrow Bold ItalicGotđê mê Narrow BlackGottê mê Narrow Blachồng ItalicGotmê man Narrow UltraGotđam mê Narrow Ultra ItalicGotmê man Extra Narrow ThinGotyêu thích Extra Narrow Thin ItalicGotmê mệt Extra Narrow Extra LightGotham mê Extra Narrow Extra Light ItalicGotđắm đuối Extra Narrow LightGotmê mẩn Extra Narrow Light ItalicGotđắm say Extra Narrow BookGotham Extra Narrow Book ItalicGotmê mệt Extra Narrow MediumGotsay đắm Extra Narrow Medium ItalicGotđê mê Extra Narrow BoldGotmê mệt Extra Narrow Bold ItalicGotmê man Extra Narrow BlackGotham Extra Narrow Black ItalicGotmê man Extra Narrow UltraGotsi mê Extra Narrow Ultra ItalicGotsi Condensed ThinGotđắm say Condensed Thin ItalicGotmê mệt Condensed Extra LightGotmê mẩn Condensed Extra Light ItalicGotsay đắm Condensed LightGotđắm say Condensed Light ItalicGotđam mê Condensed BookGotđam mê Condensed Book ItalicGotmê say Condensed MediumGotham mê Condensed Medium ItalicGotđam mê Condensed BoldGotham Condensed Bold ItalicGotsay đắm Condensed BlackGotham mê Condensed Black ItalicGottê mê Condensed Extra BlackGotsi Condensed Extra Blaông xã ItalicGotmê mẩn Condensed UltraGotham mê Condensed Ultra Italic

Similar Fonts to Gotđê mê Font (Related Fonts)

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Gotham mê Font Free Download

You can also get access lớn this font for your personal work miễn phí of cost from the below-mentioned button. Clichồng the button và get it installed within seconds for future use.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Gotmê man a Free Font?

Gotmê mệt fonts is không tính phí to lớn use for personal work. In order khổng lồ use it commercially, you need to lớn purchase a license first.

What’s the Closest Font to Gotham?

There are many alternatives to lớn this fonts. A few of them include Proxima Nova, Avenir Font, Museo Sans, Montserrat, và a few others.

What Happens if You Use a Font without A License?

If you use desktop fonts as website fonts without purchasing a license, it can get you in trouble as it is completely illegal. For commercial projects, you need to lớn purchase a license lớn make it legal.

Can I Use Gotsay mê Font on My Website?

Yes, you can use this font on your websites once you have sầu purchased a license. Without a license, it won’t be legal.

Who Created Gotmê say Font?

It was created by 2 graphic designers Tobias Frere Jones and Jesse Ragan, but it was released in 2000 by New York foundry Hoefler và Co.

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What Is Gotmê mẩn Font Generator?

It is an online tool that allows you to create/generate Gotham font Logos miễn phí of cost without downloading the phông into your system.