Premium vector art, icons, and graphics for free download

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Freepik Premium Free offers you unlimited access lớn premium content. Freepik is a miễn phí online resource hub that offers a huge collection of pdf, icons, PSD, ai, và drawings for không tính phí & premium subscriptions. However, for a không lấy phí Freepik account, you can only download up to lớn 5 resources per day. Moreover, this is limited to its miễn phí tier resources. However, with Freepik Premium Free account which is subscription-based, you can download 100 resources in a single day. I can vouch và atchạy thử lớn the fact that this platkhung has almost every resource that graphic designers seek.

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What you get with Freepik Premium Free

Thousands of miễn phí resources
+3,830,000 Premium vectors
+9,144,000 premium stoông chồng photos
+352,000 Premium PSD files
No attribution required
Unlimited downloadsmore info
Priority support
No ads
Freepik Premium Free

Full license

Forget about having khổng lồ attribute an illustration with a Premium Subscription. Use any illustration either for commercial or personal use without crediting the author.


Exclusive content

You are a VIP member now. Gain access to our exclusive sầu illustrations which only Premium Members can download for miễn phí.


Continuous production

At Freepik we are constantly increasing our content available khổng lồ our users, offering the best unique not only in Vector Illustrations but also PSD Illustrations and Photos.


No ads

Browsing Freepik just got easier. You can fully focus on your work without any ads.

I know by now you are wondering, with those amazing possibilities with the premium account, how much bởi I have sầu khổng lồ pay for it to lớn get this unlimited access? Well look no further, here is a breakdown of the subscription of Freepik Premium.

NOTE: Your subscription plan will renew automatically unless you cancel this option (no discounts apply for renewals). To cancel the automatic renewal of your plan và avoid future non-desired payments you mustcancel your subscription from your user’s protệp tin.

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How vày I get Freepik Premium Free?

By now, you have sầu seen that to get that unlimited premium access, you must purchase either a monthly or an annual subscription. The pricing might be cheap or expensive sầu, affordable or not depending on the status of your pocket. Some folks like me, though can’t really afford lớn pay that much và that is why Rontech is here lớn support. So, we have 3 methods of getting Freepik Premium Free, some of which may or may not work by the time you are reading this article. But, why not try, It wouldn’t cost you a penny.

Get a Feepik premium trương mục cheaply

Option 1. Get Freepik Premium Free using Cookies

Cookies have sầu become pivotal in sharing premium accounts. People now nội dung a wide range of premium accounts by importing cookies. Streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu và graphic sites like Envato Elements, creative fabrica, and freepik can now be shared for miễn phí without even requiring login credentials. Please join the conversation at Rontech Community lớn unloông xã some of these amazing possibilities.

Now lớn import Frepik Premium Free, follow the guide below:

Clichồng on the cookies editor iconDelete the old cookies After Deleting the cookies, select the import buttonRefresh the page.Please note that for now we don’t have any working cookies, but keep checking on the forum
Watch How khổng lồ Import Cookies

Option 2. Get Freepik Premium Free for 24HRS

This triông xã of getting Creativefabrica premium access & unlimited tải về used khổng lồ work sometime baông xã. I haven’t tested it now. So, you guys can give it a shot.

The Steps

Subscribe to lớn their monthly/yearly plan.While checking out, select a payment method as PayPal. They will redirect you lớn the PayPal Faster Checkout Page và won’t bill you immediately.NOTE THAT the card linked lớn PayPal must be a card with less balance or zero balance, else they will bill you. Make sure to lớn cancel the Automatic Payments from your PayPal Settings.Boom! You just got Freepik Premium for 24 hours và a day of access is more than enough for downloading all the required files.You can always repeat the same steps và use a different tin nhắn to lớn get another 24 hours of access.

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Best of luck.

Option 3. Get 13GB+ Massive sầu Freepik Collection for FREE

This collection contains both Free & Premium: PSD, AI, Template, Effects & much more! I am pretty sure you will find this collection satisfying. To tải về follow the guide below:

Paste this code there aHR0cHM6Ly9kcml2ZS5nb29nbGUuY29tL2RyaXZlL2ZvbGRlcnMvMVBsZ3BHX1FWWFlLODJlWmdxQXhUNElfOFVzUlVnVGE1Cliông chồng decode.Copy-paste the output URL (should be a google drive link) on the browser & enter.You will see a danh sách of zip files. Please download all of them then unzip (This is necessary because this is a single zip tệp tin broken down. So, downloading and unzipping a single tệp tin won’t work.

Voila! Now you can choose what works best for you khổng lồ Freepik Premium Free. For more, clichồng here