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Despite still being an amazing game to play, Vice City hasn’t stood the thử nghiệm of time so well.

I mean, we’re talking about pushing almost 20 years here. And open-world games have sầu only been getting more impressive lately.

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But with modding, anything is possible.

We’ve sầu covered a lot of the best overall mods for GTA: VC, but let’s cover some of the graphics-focused ones.

This way you can make the game even sharper that you seem lớn remember!

10. Substitution Effects


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GTA: Vice City can look spectacular at times, with those big explosions and huge fires you like so much.

But with GTA5 as a competitor, we need to lớn step it up.

If you want Vice City lớn look as spectacular as Grand Theft Auto lớn V, or as cđại bại as possible, download the Substitution Effects mod.

This replaces effects lượt thích fire and explosions to lớn make them look much better than they vày in the vanilla game.

This thủ thuật isn’t all about violence, though, as it also improves water surfaces & flares. So you vì chưng not need lớn go all-out to lớn reap the benefits of this bad boy.

9. The Sun Effects


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Like the Substitution Effects, The Sun Effects mod can make Vice City look almost as good as GTA5.

If you play the game at the lowest possible setting, that is.

Jokes aside, Sun Effects improves some of the lighting effects of the game. This includes street lights và the sun glare, so they look more realistic & much better than they bởi in the vanilla game.

It’s not ray tracing, that’s for sure. But we’ll take it all the same, thank you very much.

8. GTA VC Icenhancer


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The Icenhancer mod should rightly be called the GTA VC updater. Why?

Because it updates everything!

This hack is definitely among muốn the best ones you can download khổng lồ make the game feel more modern, as it updates the post-processing shader, lights, shadows, and reflections.

The end result is even better at nighttime, so much that you may become a nocturnal creature just to lớn boot up Tommy Vercetti.

7. Remastered HUD Interface


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The Vice City interface was good enough in 2002. But as time went on, it started looking quite dated.

Let’s change that.

With the Remastered HUD Interface, you can say goodbye khổng lồ the old vanilla interface.

This hack upscales older icons and introduces newer semi-HD ones lifted from more recent titles like San Andreas. Used in conjunction with other mods, Remastered Interface will turn the original Vice City inlớn an almost proper modern remaster.


6. Widescreen Fixes


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Contrary lớn its name, widescreen wasn’t all that widespread baông chồng in 2002.

Few could afford those shiny new TVs coming with the new aspect ratio, and so developers continued khổng lồ stiông xã with 4:3. It was the PS2 mặc định for most games.

This means that Tommy Vercetti and his goons can look like they had a little bit too much to eat lately if the game is played on a widescreen ratio (without an update, of course).

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With the Widescreen fix, however, they’ll get baông chồng their proper look, & start committing crimes again as if the 1980s would never kết thúc.

5. Vice City Trails


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Cut content is never a good thing.

Especially if they ruin the 80s atmosphere. Never touch anything from the 80s!

Vice City Trails restores the brighter and slightly blurrier graphics seen in the PlayStation 2 versions of the game that made it look almost lượt thích one of those shows from the 80s.

Well worth installing just for that classic aesthetic. Get ready khổng lồ blast some tunes as well.

4. Vice City Retexture Project


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Years pass, resolutions increase, but some games remain unchanged.

This can include low-quality textures which were great baông xã in the day, but are extremely lacking nowadays.

Trying khổng lồ give Vice City a well-needed uplift is the Retexture Projects, which aims to lớn replace all of the game’s textures with high-quality ones. The project is still supported to lớn this day, so there is truly no over lớn the improvements for this beloved game.

3. Project 2DFX


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Vice City is about to get bigger and better.

And without destroying your graphics card!

Project 2DFX is a compilation of plugins that increase object draw distances, & add LOD effects to make Vice City look lượt thích a real city.

The regular level of detail wouldn’t look too great with the expanded draw distances. But with this gian lận, anything is possible.

Better yet, this mod also works with GTA III and GTA San Andreas, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you’re a diehard tín đồ of the series. They share the same game engine, after all.

2. SkyGfx


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SkyGfx has got nothing lớn bởi with improving the game’s sky.

But it has got everything to lớn vị with improving the game’s graphics as a whole.

SkyGfx is a massive modding project that started out as a way khổng lồ restore the PlayStation 2 graphics to lớn the PC version, but later expanded in scope to lớn recreate the Xbox version graphics. And it even reproduces some of the enhanced effects included in Vice City Stories.

The end results? Amazing, as expected.

1. Vice Cry Reborn


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The death and rebirth of Vice City has happened. And we should all rejoice for it.

Never before has the game looked this great.

The Vice Cry Reborn thủ thuật is an amazing graphical overhaul that improves all, and I really mean all, textures in the title.

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By introducing new HD versions of all of them, blended with VRTPhường & enhanced with artificial intelligence(or some kindomain authority algorithm). What does this all yadda yaddomain authority mean, you say?

It means the game will look amazing at a very high resolution without requiring a particularly powerful computer to run.

Ah, the joys of modding!

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