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A less-than-ikhuyến mãi Internet connection won"t have any detrimental effects if you just want lớn surf the web, post on social truyền thông media or watch a website video. However, it can have sầu a significant effect in online gaming, where everything happens in real time và even the slighdemo lag can turn a situation upside-down. can give sầu you an edge in your online games, by optimizing your connection. Unlike other optimization tools, this piece of software was created specifically for online games. As an online bạn, you may not be interested in the technical details on how it does this, so the short version is that routes your connection through dedicated end-to-end fast lanes. is available in miễn phí & paid versions. It works on all modern Windows systems & it doesn"t require any special tools or services. However, you will need to create an online account. The software can be installed in a few moments và you can run it without sacrificing too much memory or processing power. Using is quite easy. All you have lớn vì is log into your online trương mục, which will automatically activate the software. All that is left at this point is to launch your game và will vị the rest. Once you launch a game, its title or log will show up on the application"s compact user interface và a notification will show up in the lower-right corner of the screen, to let you know that your connection is being optimized. The software lets you kiểm tra your connection before you start playing. This can be done one the same interface, on a separate tab. Rather than performing a run-of-the-mill speed demo, will test your connection for specific games, which can be selected in a drop-down thực đơn. Once the kiểm tra is complete, the application will display your ping time, jitter và packet loss percentage. Furthermore, will provide you with a recap of your gaming sessions, which consists of a connection analysis, so you can see how it performed. Although the number of games works with seems a bit limited, you can expect to find all the major titles in its danh sách, including, but not limited to lớn, Battlefield 1, PUBG, Fortnight, League of Legends & World of Tanks. Also, the software is being worked on constantly, so you will certainly be able to use it with any new games that come out on the market. Using with online games is like taking a shortcut và avoiding the traffic jam on the freeway. Pros: The software can optimize your Internet connection for specific online games. Logging into your account is all you have sầu to vị. Cons: Although it supports all the popular online games, the danh sách is still a bit short. You can tải về miễn phí here.

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