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Developer: Blizzard EntertainmentRelease date: 2015Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: MMOVersion:

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Heroes of the Storm is a crossover multiplayer online battle aremãng cầu video game developed và published by Blizzard Entertainment & released on June 2, 2015, for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The game features various characters from Blizzard"s franchises as playable heroes, as well as different battlegrounds based on Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, & Overwatch universes. The game uses both free-to-play & freemium models & is supported by micropayments, which can be used to lớn purchase heroes, visual alterations for the heroes in the game, and mounts. Blizzard does not Hotline the game a "multiplayer online battle arena" or an "action real-time strategy" because they feel it is something different with a broader playstyle; they refer khổng lồ it as an online "nhân vật brawler". At the over of 2018, Blizzard announced that game was being transitioned to a long-term support plan, with some staff members moved lớn other projects and its official tournament circuit cancelled.

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Heroes of the Storm revolves around online 5-versus-5 matches, operated through Blizzard"s online gaming service Battle.net. Players can choose from different game modes, which include playing against computer-controlled heroes or other players. Initially, no heroes are permanently available for use; however, players may choose from a các mục of heroes that are không tính phí to use from a weekly rotation. By using gold coins, the in-game currency, or through microtransactions, they can gain permanent access khổng lồ a anh hùng. There are 86 heroes in the game as of May 2019, divided inlớn six separate roles: Tank, Bruiser, Ranged Assassin, Melee Assassin, Healer, & Support. In addition, there are currently 15 maps available to lớn play, each of which has different objectives lớn secure, with some having different victory conditions.

Experience points, which can be gained by being nearby enemy units when they"re killed, are shared across the entire team. When a team reaches a certain experience point threshold, every anh hùng on that team levels up, acquiring slightly amplified powers. Every few levels, players may select a talent which offers a new ability, or augments an existing one. This leveling system emphasizes the importance of teamwork & planning, since a player"s action can affect the whole team.

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Players can also utilize various mounts, such as animals, robots & clouds, lớn increase their movement tốc độ, automatically dismounting when attacking, receiving damage or using any ability.


As a part of the arcade feature for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, a custom map called "Blizzard DOTA" was announced alongside several other mods of Blizzard Entertainment at BlizzCon 2010. At that time, the map was developed lớn showcase the modding abilities that were to be added to lớn StarCraft II. In 2011, however, development of Blizzard DOTA was rebooted và demoed at BlizzCon 2011. In comparison lớn the previous iteration previewed at BlizzCon 2010, the gameplay was described as "fast" & "streamlined."

Following the announcement of Dota 2 by Valve Corporation, Rob Parbởi, the executive vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, expressed concern at Valve using and trademarking a name that originated from within the Warcraft III community. Following a failed trademark injunction on the part of Riot Games, Blizzard acquired Riot"s subsidiary, DotA-Allstars, LLC., the original company that represented the servicing of Defense of the Ancients. Subsequently, Blizzard filed an opposition against Valve sầu for claiming the DotA trademark. On May 11, 2012, Blizzard & Valve sầu announced that the dispute had been settled, with Valve sầu retaining the commercial franchising rights khổng lồ the term "Dota", while Blizzard would change the name of Blizzard DOTA to Blizzard All-Stars. Blizzard, however, will retain the right khổng lồ use DOTA name non-commercially. This includes promoting DOTA-style maps made for Blizzard games by the community.

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In June 2012, Dustin Browder, the director of StarCraft II, stated that Blizzard All-Stars did not have sầu a release date, but that it would definitely be after the release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. In an interview in January 2013, he noted that parts of the game were "starting to lớn feel really good", with "a really tight multiplayer experience", but that there was no way khổng lồ project a timeline on it, since it was not complete enough khổng lồ run a company-wide internal altrộn chạy thử. In February 2013, the Activision Blizzard fourth quarter 2012 earnings report listed Blizzard All-Stars as one of the areas of continued investment for Blizzard throughout 2013. Dustin Browder commented in March 2013 that a few artists had transitioned from the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm team, to work on Blizzard All-Stars for the time being along with the few designers on the team.

In August 2013, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime said that the game had reached a significant internal testing milestone, và was going into lớn wider internal testing. Describing it as an "action real-time strategy" game, he said that Blizzard was looking lớn put their own spin on the genre and challenge some of the existing thiết kế paradigms. The Blizzard All-Stars team was expanded in May 2013, from some of the resources who were reallocated when Blizzard"s Titung project was rebooted và the team downsized. On October 17, 2013, the name of the game was changed khổng lồ Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm entered a technical alpha testing phase on March 13, năm trước, which went offline on September 22, năm trước. The technical alpha went back online on October 7, năm trước for North America, Latin America, South East Asia, Australia, & New Zealand. The servers for Europe, Korea, Trung Quốc và Taiwan went online in the following weeks. The technical alpha continued until the beginning of the closed beta. Closed beta testing started on January 13, 2015. As of February năm ngoái, over 9 million players had signed up for eligibility lớn receive sầu an invite khổng lồ beta testing. The open beta of the game began on May 19, 2015, and the full version of the game was released on June 2, năm ngoái.


Critical response

Heroes of the Storm received generally favorable đánh giá upon release. Metacritic calculated an average score of 86 out of 100, indicating "generally favorable reviews", based on 57 Review.

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GameSpot awarded it 9 out of 10, summarizing "A fantastic casual-competitive game that offers untold hours of enjoyment." Positive sầu Review praised its objective-based gameplay và greater accessibility than its competitors, with Destructoid"s Chris Carter giving giving it a 9.5 out of 10 và calling it "A hallmark of excellence." In a review for PC Gamer, Chris Thursten focused on the game"s accessibility, giving it a score of 84 out of 100 và concluding "The most any studio has done lớn open up a complex genre to a new audience. Inviting, entertaining, & deceptively deep."

The Escapist"s CJ Miozzi stated that while its improved accessibility would make it interesting khổng lồ players normally not interested in the genre, it could be less attractive to experienced players. Giving it 4 out of 5 stars, he summarized that "At the very least, it"s a game that all gamers should try." Polygon"s Arthur Gies approved of the title"s accessibility but expressed worry that "sometimes something felt lost along the way," scoring it at 7.5 out of 10.

On release, IGN"s Mitch Dyer gave the game a mixed Đánh Giá and concluded, "Heroes of the Storm is a flawed, varied MOBA with terrific team fighting và poor objectives," awarding it a 6.5 out of 10. This Đánh Giá prompted an initially negative reaction from the game"s community that turned the score inkhổng lồ an internet meme, eventually being recognized by Blizzard themselves in a humorous promotional đoạn Clip for an update to lớn the game. IGN"s re-nhận xét by Ian Nowakowski awarded it 8 out of 10 in March 2018, saying the game "packs a ton of variety và excellent characters. Some of this MOBA"s modes work better than others, but it"s a safe bet that it"ll deliver a fun match."