Hiren's bootcd 15

Hiren"s Boot CD, a bootable software kit in the form of an ISO disk image, provides you diagnostic, repair & recovery tools to lớn fix all the issues related khổng lồ Windows operating system. This versatile tool is able khổng lồ detect potential threats such as Trojans, worms or spyware, back up data on local disks và recover lost Windows password.

Hiren’s Boot CD has been upgraded to lớn 15.2 on November 9, 2012 but since then, there seems no newly update available in the official site. Many faithful users want to miễn phí download Hiren Boot CD 16.2 iso but find out nothing. This article will tell you how khổng lồ tải về use Hiren Boot CD khổng lồ get access khổng lồ the dead OS on Windows computer.

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Part 1: Download Hiren Boot CD 16.2 ISO to Rescue Windows System

Some user want khổng lồ tải về Hiren"s Boot CD 16.2 for Windows 10/8/7, but actually this program only support Windows 7. Follow the step to lớn see how lớn use it:

When the computer has started from the CD, you can see several options here, take password recovery for an example, select Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer and hit Enter


Now you"ll see the Linux kernel boot options, press Enter khổng lồ go on


Select the partition where Windows 7 is located, press EnterNow it needs to know the exact location of the Windows registry, just press Enter to accept the default Windows Registry path


You need to choose a part lớn load the registry, choose the mặc định choice “Password remix ”, and then select “Edit user data và passwords”.


Choose the user name and enter inlớn the next screen, type “1” for “Clear user password” & press Enter


Type “!” to quit editing user và then press Enter and then Type “q” and press Enter to quit the chntpw tool


Enter “y” for yes và press Enter to lớn finish the process. Now remove the Hiren’s Boot CD và press Ctrl + Alt + Delete lớn reboot your computer without password.

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Part 2: Hiren"s Boot CD 16.2 ISO Alternative to Recover Windows Admin Password

The process of above password recovery is just so complicated and requires technological background, which is not suitable for everyone. Some users also complained that Hiren"s Boot CD not showing hard disk or loading on Windows. Free to lớn try the best Hiren"s Boot CD 16.2 iso alternative - Windows Password Key to lớn help you get into lớn Windows 10/8.1/8/7 computer with only simple steps.

Free DownloadDownload Windows Password Key, install và launch it on another available PC. Inmix a USB flash drive sầu into lớn PC and cliông chồng "Burn".


Insert the newly created USB drive sầu to the locked Windows computer và Set USB drive sầu as the first boot device in BIOS cài đặt.


Then you will see the program interface. Select Windows Installation và cliông xã Next button. Choose the tài khoản lớn remove or rephối Windows account password.


We’ve shown you how lớn download Hiren"s Boot CD 16.2 iso & use this program to get into password locked computer. Any questions about this post are warmly welcomed.

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