Hitman 2: silent assassin game download

Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 2 is the second sequel to lớn năm nhâm thìn released World of Assassination Trilogy. It is also the seventh instalment of the Hitman series. Marketed by Warner Bros, the game was released on November 13th, 2018 for multiple consoles lượt thích PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and stadia. Soon after its release, the game met with commercial success worldwide. Players have loved this game more than the original Hitman video clip game. 

Considering its positive developments and improvements over its predecessor, Hitman 2 has received critical acclamation from renowned critics. Looking inkhổng lồ the interest of players in the Hitman series & considering the love sầu which Hitman 2 has received, developers are all mix khổng lồ release the third sequel, Hitman 3 for Xbox series X, Windows, PlayStation, & stadia in January 2021. 

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What is Hitman 2 about? 

Belonging to the action genre, Hitman 2 incorporates a few changes which have sầu made it stand out from its predecessor. One can find 6 new environments, allowing players to lớn explore the br& new killing machinery. The storyline is composed of multiple subplots, each leading khổng lồ the perfect blending of all plots with time. 

These plots can individually be studied and explored. The main plot might seem overarching at first, though once players complete the entire game, the plot appears to lớn be simple and uncomplicated. Much of the story is perfectly timed, depicting real-world conditions in some places, like middle Eastern conflicts, military corporations, & artificial intelligence. Players can mischievously eavesdrop on conversations between non-playable characters in the game. 


As we already mentioned, Hitman 2 is an action-adventure, stealth-based Clip game. The storyline continues to lớn follow the previous sequel, making necessary changes in certain places. Agent 47 is the lead character, which players control. He is a contract assassin, who takes orders for the international contract agency. The game is played from the third-person narrative, who explores various regions of the globe to eliminate highly notorious criminal targets. 

Agent 47 has been given additional powers and abilities in Hitman 2. He can now hide in bushes và grass, blover inlớn the local masses, use mirrors lớn traông chồng his targets around corners và even carry a briefcase containing weapons & other things. Few other changes can be recognized instantly, while others take time to be recognized. Nevertheless, every little change brought lớn its GamePlay and UI is positive sầu. 

Hitman 2 comprises 8 missions, phối in different locations và having different features. The various locations (in order of their occurrence ) are Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, a racetrack in Miangươi, the fictitious land of Santa Fortumãng cầu in Columbia, the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai, the imaginative Vermont suburb, the isle of sgail in North Atlantica, the region of Milton -Fitzpatrichồng ngân hàng in New York City và lastly, a haven Isl& resort in the Maldives. 

Hitman 2 has introduced violent và impactful gadgets, that can make an NPC unconscious. The game sees the reintroduction of the briefcase, earlier used by agent 47 in Hitman. The briefcase allows the player lớn carry the necessary equipment và weapons such as sniper rifles in public, arousing their curiosity & suspicion. Soon after the announcement of Hitman 2, developers released a cooperative multiplayer mode named sniper assassin. It was available to lớn players who pre-ordered Hitman 2. 

In the multiplayer mode, players are given the task of killing criminal targets using a xạ thủ rifle within a fixed time. Besides playing as agent 47, players can so take the role of ICA operatives stone and knight. These two are immensely powerful & skilled characters who have sầu access to rare ammo types. However, developers intkết thúc to lớn remove this cooperative online multiplayer mode of Hitman 2, anytime before Hitman 3 gets released. Sadly ghost mode- the offline multiplayer mode of Hitman 2 has already been removed on August 31st, 20đôi mươi. 

Unlike Hitman, Hitman 2 has incorporated the time based elusive target missions. UK actor, Sean bean has been portrayed in the first elusive sầu target in Hitman 2. Players who have downloaded all chapters of Hitman 2 from the first Hitman, can play it using Hitman 2’s approved engine. Besides the game also features additional improvements in its gameplay, character development, audio, & visual aspects. 

Features of Hitman 2 

As we already said, Hitman 2 has continued the story of its predecessors, making necessary changes at the same time. One can now see escalations, elusive targets, challenges, contracts, a xạ thủ assassin mode, and a newly designed gosht multiplayer mode, in which two players are tasked with killing 4 targets before their enemies. We have enlisted the most important features of Hitman 2 : 


Exotic fictional locations

Incorporating a whole lot of new & immersive sầu locations, Hitman 2 is deadlier, better, và bigger. Players can now travel khổng lồ every corner of the globe, enjoy exotic places, và take pleasure in completing their missions. One can find sun-drenched lands, dense rainforests- all healthy, breathing environments that offered countless paths lớn explore & interact with. 

Download the game and travel to breathtaking fictional lands across the globe. Track your targets, complete your tasks, & enjoy unlocking new features và powers! Relish the powers of the world’s most creatively formed assassin, agent 47. With Hitman 2, agent 47 can enjoy new ways khổng lồ play, new features khổng lồ use, new modes to lớn try, & whatnot. Are you ready to experience playing the ultimate spy thriller? Get ready khổng lồ kill your targets và unveil the truth of agent 47 in the process. 

Hitman 2 PC Game Download

NameInitial Release DateSeriesPublisherGenresPlatforms
Hitman 2
  9 November 2018
 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Stealth game, Action game