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iTools is a simple and complete solution to lớn manage your máy tính bảng iPad, iPhone, iPad tablet or iPod Touch without jailbreak and without iTunes.


iTools can help you easily transfer và backup multitruyền thông media data including music, video, phokhổng lồ, books, apps, contacts, notes between iPod/iPhone/máy tính bảng ipad and PC; it can help install, uninstall & backup your apps; it also can backup & restore your folders. iTools can help you manage your files in iDevices just like Windows File Explorer.

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iTools supports all iPod, Máy tính bảng iPad & iPhone models.

iTools features:

Ringtone maker: iTools lets you create ringtones from music held on your computer.iTunes access: From iTools, you can access all of your iTunes backup files, so you can access old data and truyền thông media.App management: The tiện ích management feature allows you lớn view and edit your apps.Data Migrate: iTools support migrating data between iOS devices.Super Backup: Backup, restore và clone any iOS device, completely or selectively per data setFile Explorer: View the system directory và tệp tin system of the device lớn learn more about your device.Desktop Management: Desktop Management help you drag bulk apps at one time by mouse!Fast Optimization: Clean up most junk files. Enjoy a cleaner, faster & better device, in almost every way.Battery Master: Dashboard of your battery , all detail information you need to lớn keep your device & battery healthy!Portable Disk: Turn your iPod or iPhone into a portable drive.Transfer music between any iPhone, iPod or máy tính bảng ipad and any Mac or PC.Real-time Desktop – Real-time project your desktop into computer desktop.Copy every picture & movie lớn your computer, from the Camera Roll, from your Phokhổng lồ Albums.Real-time Log – Getting more clear of your device system running log by Real-time log.Crash Log – You can find most of crash log here và find out the problem as soon as possible.Firmware Download – Download the newest firmware, automatically recognize your device & tải về without your learning.Wireless Management – Say no lớn cables!

iTools does not need iTunes lớn be installed on your system. After the setup finishes, the iTunes drivers are automatically installed by iTools!

Download: iTools Pro | 16.9 MB (Shareware)Download: iTools | 14.9 MB (Freeware)View: iTools Home Page

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