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Elfheim"s Prophet

Elf Prophet. Very cold, calm and rational. He"s also Elf King Andrea"s childhood friover. He always looked down on humans, but ever since King Arthur of Pendragon declared war, his view on humans morphed from contempt khổng lồ sheer benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnthing.

Tribe Weapon Grade
Elf Staff Legendary

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Elfheim Best Mage

One of the greachạy thử mages in Elfheyên & also a very devoted history researcher. Procyon"s fiancee. She"s in a constant state of worry over Procyon"s unrelenting personality.

Tribe Weapon Grade
Elf Staff Rare

Arthur Pendragon·Arthur Pendragon

Pendragon"s King, Great Knight

King of PenLong, the largest human kingdom and one of the two largest powers on the Caledonia continent. The King himself is a renowned knight with excellent sword skills. He also commands the army from the frontlines in the territorial war with the elves. However, the real reason as to lớn why he declared war against the elves is still a mystery.

Tribe Weapon Grade
Human Greatsword Legendary


Commander of the Royal Knights of Pendragon

Devoted khổng lồ the Royal Palace. Stern và uncompromising. He"d never betray the Royal Family, even in the face of injustice. However, he is concerned about King Arthur who is becoming more and more violent.

Tribe Weapon Grade
Human Ax Common

Luiden Kyle·Luiden Kyle

A mysterious warrior

A mysterious warrior who was sealed in a deep sleep within the ancient relics of Atlantis. Long years of being sealed almost consumed his life, but he managed to wake up upon hearing an unknown voice. The true agendomain authority of this warrior who has returned to lớn this world is...

Tribe Weapon Grade
Human Spear Legendary


Mysterious Royal Fortune-teller.

Mysterious Royal Fortune-teller. Her real name, origin và age are unknown. No one believes her ominous predictions, no one except King Arthur Pendragon

Tribe Weapon Grade
Human Staff Rare


Guardian Captain of the Fairy Haven Forest.

Guardian Captain of the Fairy Haven Forest. Freyja"s older brother. It"s almost impossible lớn follow his trail as he"s even faster than the wind. Not too smart, but more loyal khổng lồ Prophet Procyon than lớn the Elf King as Procyon fully appreciates hlặng.

Tribe Weapon Grade
Elf Greatsword Rare

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Cheerful & strong-hearted Girl

Protagonist"s childhood friend. When she came to the village with no memories of the past, she found the poor wanderer first and took him trang chính. Cheerful & strong-hearted, yet delicate, causing others to lớn be protective sầu of her.

Tribe Weapon Grade
Human Staff Common


Adviser và Royal Guard of Elf King Andrea.

Adviser and Royal Guard of Elf King Andrea. Cold but very wise. He is devoted & loyal lớn Andrea, but also indecisive sầu & prone to worry.