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In this tutorial, we will explain step by step how khổng lồ free download, install & license Maya for Windows 64-bit, Linux & Mac OS X on your computer. Register account & login khổng lồ AUTODESK site. Check computer & mạng internet performance. Currently available Maya versions for miễn phí downloading and install is 2021 and 2020. Maya is 3 chiều CAD tool for modeling, animation, rendering và simulation created by Autodesk.

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Basic information about Maya products & subscribe options can be found on the link:


Basic features và what’s new in Maya can be found on the link:

You need lớn follow next few steps in order khổng lồ download, install & license Maya product/products.

Cheông chồng your computer performanceRegister/login on Autodesk/Maya siteDownload MayaInstall Maya on your deviceLicense MayaRun Maya

Cheông xã your computer performance và internet connection

For more details about how khổng lồ check your:

Internet connection, speed& system requirements (computer/PC performance)

please visit the link:


Create a free account và login on Autodesk/Maya site

If you still haven’t done this, you need lớn create an account login on Autodesk/Maya site. You can create your tài khoản and login using SIGN IN button in the right up corner. See image below for the details.


Enter your e-mail address if you already have an tài khoản.


If you still haven’t created an tài khoản, go lớn option create account in the right down corner.


After e-mail verification your account will be activated.

Free Download Maya 2021, 2020 & 2019

Now you can download Maya 3 chiều CAD software tool from the official Maya page.

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See image below for the details.


Here you can see a few tips before you start the download, like available platforms, trial file form size, recommended (internet connection, virut checking software…).


Let’s start downloading for không tính phí Maya software tool. Choose:

user type (a business or student/educator user),Operating system ( Windows 64-bit, Linux & Mac OS X) andlanguage.

And press the Next button. See image below for the details.


In this step you need to fill out information about your Company name, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Phone và Country.


After you cliông chồng on BEGIN DOWNLOAD, choose a thư mục on your PC where you want to lớn download the tệp tin và your download has started.

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