As described in here How to root Innos A35as I hold vol up +vol down 5 seconds & at the same time connecting the USB cable tomy computer it shows up a removable disk và unknown drivers in windows 7.

My phone is also Innos A35 device locally sold as i35 from dialog telecom.

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What are those? And what is this download mode?

But unlượt thích the recovery mode, I didn"t get a screen up. Is these two modes all comingfrom ROM. what kind of code is there on ROM. .Where that consoles come from?

Where is uboot located? Is this download mode is a mode that programmed inkhổng lồ a ROM, whereI could not change it?

I have read the boot procedure of a typical app phone. But can"t organize the infowith this.

boot downloading
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sandun dhammikasandun dhammika
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Download mode is for flashing radio firmware/ROM tăng cấp through official means.

Some devices uses U-Boot over the generic boot, it is a boot-loader code found in read-only ROM chip on the board, which uses a certain memory address offphối, in which the kernel from the /boot partition gets loaded into lớn that specific certain memory address offmix và jumps into lớn that address và the kernel starts running.

For details of the generic LK boot which is employed by most, if not all, Qualcomm based devices, see this

As for Download mode, for example ODIN is commonly used on Samsung devices to flash ROMs, those devices needs to lớn be in tải về mode prior khổng lồ flashing. However, ODIN is not the official way to lớn vì chưng it, rather Kies, is the official route in upgrading the firmware, this is for Samsung devices for example.

See more: Hướng Dẫn Tải Eng Breaking Full Trọn Bộ Miễn Phí Mới Nhất, Tải Eng Breaking Full Trọn Bộ Miễn Phí Mới Nhất

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The device has both "tải về mode" và "bulk mode" as part of the SOC. When it is turned on, it decides if it should jump khổng lồ any of those modes, or actually boot the "main processor". If it does, then the preloader/secondary bootloader (two different names for the same thing) kicks in. If you turn the device on, the preloader will run the bootloader (on QC devices usually the lk that was referred on another answer).

The bulk mode is meant to lớn expose, in bulk, the device"s partitions.The download mode is meant khổng lồ be used to lớn push a programmer inkhổng lồ the device & run it.

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answered Jul 29 "16 at 10:26

Marcos MaradoMarcos Maravì chưng
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