Orcad 16

“We’re very optimistic about our future with the scalable OrCAD PSpice and Allegro PCB Designer tools"

The Cadence solution reduces our PCB development time by 80 percent

- Gisbert Thomke, Group Leader, IBM R&D Lab



Cadence OrCAD & Allegro Software Download

As part of your purchase you will receive the full media on a DVD via benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnurier but you can also download the full truyền thông media here. You will also receive sầu your login to the Cadence online support portal (within 7 days of purchase)

Lachạy thử Version 17.2

DOWNLOAD FULL MEDIA CADENCE SPB V.17.2 - 2016 (BASE RELEASE) Please use this release for all OrCAD and Allegro productsRequires a 17.2 license tệp tin & the lachạy thử service pachồng available from Parallel Systems

Last Previous Version: 16.6DOWNLOAD FULL MEDIA CADENCE SPB V.16.6 - 2015 (BASE RELEASE)

Requires a 16.6 license tệp tin và the lademo service pachồng available from Parallel Systems


To run the products, the license manager and the products need to lớn be installed from the Base Release truyền thông media, either from the DVD, or tải về link

The license manager may be installed on the same machine as the products, or on a different machine, for example, a shared machine, “license server”, benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnnnected khổng lồ the local network.

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Installation Guide:Start the installer from the Base Release media DVD, or tải về, and use the “Installation Guide” link lớn open the installation guide, if required.

License Manager Installation:Save the tệp tin in a local temporary location, like “Desktop”, on the machine that you are installing the license manager onkhổng lồ, this will be needed during the License Manager installation.

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New Installation, no previous versions installed:First install the license manager:Windows Vista và 7, Server 2008:Start the installer from the Base Release truyền thông media DVD, or tải về, và then use the “License Manager” liên kết from “Setup” to install the license manager.

Windows 8, 8.1, Server 2012:You will need lớn get the updated license manager installer from, http://www.mediafire.benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnm/download/u2e5ucq8ut33ytg/CadenceLicenseManager_11_13.zip then extract the archive sầu and run the thiết lập.exe cộ from the extracted files. (The 16.6 Base Release license manager installer provided on the truyền thông media will fail to install benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnrrectly on Windows 8, 8.1 and Server 2012)

All:When prompted for the “license file that you were sent”, Browse to the license manager text file saved previously và benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnmplete the license manager installation.

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Drivers for the USB Dongle:Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will usually get the required dongle drivers from Windows Update when the dongle is attached and the machine is benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnnnected to the internet, this does notseem to lớn work as well for the Windows Server editions and a download directly from SafeNet, the USB dongle manufacturer, http://sentinelcustomer.safenet-inh.benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnm/sentineldownloads/?s=&c=End+User&p=Sentinel+HASP+HL&o=all&t=all or an internet search for “safenet hasp lachạy thử drivers” will get khổng lồ the required resource, “Sentinel Downloads”, get the “HASP.. / LDK Windows GUI Runtime Installer” downloaded locally và run the thiết đặt khổng lồ install the required drivers.