How to get old macos

I need to lớn download the El Capitung lớn install on my Mac computer. What is the best place to tải về the El Capitung dmg or El Capichảy iso.

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Find the official installers here

Infographic over the many versions of OSX/macOS

katemor Its not true that App Store no longer has El Capirã as tải về. It does not have it as download, if your Apple-ID has never registered a machine with El Capirã. Otherwise they are still there.

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And your liên kết points to lớn a place, which charges $đôi mươi for Apple software. Not quite legal...

To get older OS"s go here How khổng lồ get old versions of macOS which is Apples support liên kết khổng lồ the FREE OS"s





You can tải về the installer safely from the liên kết below. You can create a bootable El Capitan installer by following the guide here. Just hold option/alt down when you boot up your Mac

Here’s where you can get the needed image file: How to lớn tăng cấp to lớn OS X El Capitan

My MacBook is running Mojave & I need lớn instal El Capirã on my iMac (what was on it before I needed lớn replace a bad hard drive) so I can’t get it to tải về using my MacBook through legitimate Apple sources. HELP! That link Aaron provided is from Apple and since I am running Mojave I can’t tải về it.

I am having almost this exact same issue, I have an old MacBook phiên bản Pro that I have sầu previously had El Capitan installed on. The hard drive has gone funny và now I need lớn re-install El Capichảy. But the only other Mac I have sầu is an iMac, and I cannot seem lớn legitimately find a way lớn download El Capitan.

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Did you have any luông xã with this?

There is also the problem now that Apple has stopped signing the older OSs - meaning I have not - after 35 years in the busines - been able khổng lồ install a brand new OS 11 from an installer onlớn a formatted HDD/SSD. Only thing that works? Clone an existing system, make a new user và make it Admin, delete the original user. This also poses some problems, but it works.

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