How do i download from pan


1. Open the website mentioned above sầu and fill out fields as following:


2. Cliông chồng on the shown button below in order to lớn get inlớn tải về page.

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Sometimes, after that, you see the following error/warning. You just have sầu to wait.

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3. When the tải về page is finally loaded, you"ll need to lớn copy these two things:

UA (UserAgent) for the links (Number 1 in the screen shot)The tải về links itself: (Cliông chồng on Nr 2, it will be saved in your clipboard)

4. You can now use whatever download manager/method which supports user agents.

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For wget use the following:

Save sầu the download link in a tệp tin like "dl_link.txt"And use the following command:

$ wget -i dl_link.txt -O desired_output_filename> -U UA>

briverse17 commented May 29, 2021

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This worked, thank you! However, I had some problems with wget, & therefore I used Motrix. Would recommover this open source phầm mềm. For anyone else, don"t forget lớn add the user agent in the advance section.


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Any tips on how to lớn tải về uncompressed folders at once??