Download Rufus 2.9 for Windows from Kubatải về. This platkhung allows users khổng lồ create bootable USB with different operating systems.

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Rufus 2.9

RUFUS 2.9 is a platform that allows users lớn create a bootable USB drive sầu with Windows, Linux, and also on other operating systems. The software can read OS installations from ISO files và create a number of bootable flash drives easily. The user can also change customer the file system type, volume label, cluster form size, etc. The platform allows users to lớn create a DOS bootable drive and also use a non-US keyboard, the software will then attempt khổng lồ select a keyboard layout according lớn the locale of the user’s system. In such a situation, FreeDOS, which is phối as the default selection, is highly recommended over MS-DOS, as it allows users to tư vấn more keyboard layouts. The platform is a full offline setup installer of the software.

Features of RUFUS 2.9

SHA-512: The platform allows users to add an optional SHA-512 digest algorithm.

Cheat Mode: The platform allows users to add a cheat mode in order to increase/decrease the application priority.

Direct Provision: The platsize allows users to lớn enable direct provision by the method of install.wim/install.esd for Windows to Go.

ESPhường from Windows: The platkhung allows users khổng lồ move Windows lớn Go ESP to lớn the beginning of the drive, on the condition khổng lồ the systems that allow it.

Partitions: The platsize allows users to lớn enforce a minimum volume kích thước of 256 MB for ext2/ext3 partitions.

Scanning of ISOs: The platkhung allows users to speed up the scanning of ISOs with a number of Rock Ridge deep directory entries.

GRUB Version Detection Fix: The plat has fixed detection of GRUB version và updates the embedded GRUB for a complete Ubuntu trăng tròn.10 support.

Accessibility: The platsize allows the user khổng lồ fix user interface labels for smooth accessibility.

Bugs: The platkhung allows users lớn work around a Windows bug where the wrong drive letter may be returned.

ARM Support: The platform comes with an added ARM support for UEFI: NTFS.

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UEFI: NTFS Support: Fix UEFI: NTFS tư vấn for HPhường and Gigabyte firmware (with the help of both Rod Smith & Linnea)

Unwanted Listing: The platsize allows users to lớn fix unwanted listing of some internal removable drives.

Syslinux: Fix the resurgence of a possible Syslinux installation crash

Fix Default Cluster Size: the platkhung allows users to fix missing default cluster kích thước mặc định on exFAT for >32GB drives.

Commandline Hogger: The platform also allows the users to fix the non-removal of the commvà line hogger in some corner cases.

Moden File Selection: The platkhung also allows users lớn use "modern" file selection dialog on Vista or later if the user can spot the difference.

Installation Requirements for RUFUS 2.9

To install the RUFUS 2.9 on PC, make sure that the following requirements are met by the user in the PC desktop.

PC – Make sure that your PC is on Windows 7 or higher with at least 4 GB of RAM.

Compatibility Mode is enabled.

How khổng lồ Download RUFUS 2.9 on Windows

Follow the below steps khổng lồ download và install the RUFUS 2.9 on your PC:

Go lớn RUFUS 2.9’s website, & go to Downloads.

Click on Download Now.

Select ‘Save’ lớn download the program. The tệp tin will be saved in the Downloads folder.

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If you want to save sầu in a specified thư mục on your desktop, then cliông xã on ‘Save sầu As’ and select the folder you want the program khổng lồ be saved.