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Microsoft removed the ability khổng lồ tải về Skype as a desktop Windows application on or around February 14, 2018 citing security concerns with the application. Recent builds of Skype version 7.40 is still available at tải về sites if you prefer the desktop version, but this is likely the last “classic” version. Download it while you still can if you need to, with the caveat that this lademo version was pulled because of an issue with the installer. This issue is not present in the Skype for Windows Desktop application available through the Windows Store.

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Skype Classic removed from Microsoft Download Portal

You may be in for a shoông xã the next time you visit the Skype download portal khổng lồ tải về the newest version of Skype to your Windows device. While previously you would be greeted with an option to download “Classic Skype”, with installer & traditional desktop application, that option is no longer available. According lớn Microsoft tư vấn engineer and diễn đàn moderator Ellen Kilbourne:

“There was an issue with an older version of the Skype for Windows desktop installer – version 7.40 and lower. The issue was in the program that installs the Skype software – the issue was not in the Skype software itself. Customers who have already installed this version of Skype for Windows desktop are not affected. We have sầu removed this older version of Skype for Windows desktop from our trang web

The installer for the current version of Skype for Windows desktop (v8) does NOT have this issue, và it has been available since October, 2017.” – Ellen Kilbourne

While the issue seems to be with the installer and not the application itself, you would expect a fix from Microsoft lớn be quiông xã. However, it appears that Microsoft is using this security bug to lớn further encourage Windows users to use their new Skype for Windows 10 replacement. This isn’t the place to debate the merits of either installation package, however. For those of us that still want to run the classic Skype desktop application, there’s hope.

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Where can i download Skype Classic? Is Skype version 7.40 still available?

A quiông chồng search of third-buổi tiệc nhỏ tải về sites shows multiple options available for downloading Skype, as well as older versions. When you do tải về from a trustworthy site like Softonic or CNET you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise, however. While you can download a .exe cộ installer file, it will not actually install Skype on your computer. You will either receive a notification that this installer


Microsoft wants users khổng lồ adapt khổng lồ new environments

What’s Next with Skype for Windows?

Microsoft wants users to lớn adopt Skype for Windows, their application available directly through the Windows store. Happily, they aren’t forcing existing Skype Classic users to move sầu over (yet?), but they are eliminating the options for new adopters to lớn take this route, & creating an incentive sầu for existing users like us to lớn update. The process of running multiple Skype accounts is not intuitive in newer versions of Skype, và will likely help encourage people to stay with Skype Classic for the time being.

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If you’ve ever tried to lớn get users lớn adopt to a new piece of software, or otherwise change the way they’ve sầu been doing business, you’ll know the difficulty being faced. While Windows Vista ended extended support in 2017, và Windows 7 is next, people are still clinging to lớn Windows XPhường. and refusing the upgrade. The same will likely be true for Skype, unless Microsoft has learned from the Windows XP migration fiasteo.