You have sầu crash-landed on an alien ocean world, and the only way to lớn go is down. Descend inlớn the depths of a vast underwater world filled with wonder và peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife khổng lồ explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave sầu systems, và more - all while trying to lớn survive.

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MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads
2.5Ghz or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent - This includes most GPUs scoring greater than 950 points in the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 20 GB available space Additional Notes: Subnautica is an Early Access game, & minimum specifications may change during development RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor và operating system OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Haswell 4 cores / 4 threads
3.2Ghz or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti or equivalent, 2GB VRAM DirectX: Version 11 Storage: trăng tròn GB available space RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit Processor: Hãng Intel Haswell 4 cores / 4 threads
3.2Ghz or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti or equivalent, 2GB VRAM DirectX: Version 11 Storage: trăng tròn GB available space
MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor & operating system OS: OS X 10.9 Mavericks Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads
2.5Ghz or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent Storage: trăng tròn GB available space RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor & operating system OS: OS X 10.9 Mavericks Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Haswell 4 cores / 4 threads
3.2Ghz or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti or equivalent, 2GB VRAM Storage: 20 GB available space





Subnautica"s oceans range from sun drenched shallow coral reefs to lớn treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers. Manage your oxyren supply as you explore kelp forests, plateaus, reefs, and winding cave systems. The water teems with life: some of it helpful, much of it harmful.

Safe Shallows


Warm, sunny reefs, frolicking fish and bright coral leading off inlớn rolling sand. Your first step into the world of Subnautica.

Creepvine Forest


Huge fronds of Creepvine waft gently in the sea currents. These forests teem with life and resources but keep an eye out for the deadly Stalkers.

Grassy Plateaus


Rich red grass, towering rochồng pillars & giant, gentle reefbacks. The Grassy Plateaus hide both secrets & dangers.

Gr& Reef


Dive ever deeper và explore the mysteries of Planet 4546B aý muốn the Anchor Pods và Membrain Trees of the Grand Reef.

You have crash landed in your Life Pod và the clock is ticking to lớn find water, food, và lớn develop the equipment you need lớn survive sầu & explore. Collect resources from the ocean around you. Craft knives, lights, diving gear, and personal water craft. Venture deeper and further lớn find rarer resources, allowing you lớn craft more advanced items.

Explore the world và scan scattered fragments from the wrecked Aurora to lớn unlock new blueprints và technologies that you"ll need in order lớn survive sầu and explore further.

Craft Submarines to lớn help you explore. Modify & improve sầu them lớn go deeper and further, carry more gear or run more efficiently.

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Use your base lớn store resources, park vehicles, và replenish oxygen supplies as you explore the vast ocean. Choose layouts và components, and manage hull-integrity as depth và pressure increase.

Multipurpose Room

The core of your base. Fill it with machines & customize with windows và decorations.

The ocean teems with life; strange & wonderful sea creatures abound, but beware! Not all of them are friendly. Use the ecosystem khổng lồ help you. Lure and distract a threatening creature with a fresh fish, or simply swlặng as fast as you can to lớn avoid the gnashing jaws of roaming predators.



A fast prey fish encountered in large schools in shallow waters. With its large, side-mounted eyes it is well-adapted to lớn regonize & flee its many predators. Also rich in protein.



A streamline predator with developed intelligence and strength. Encountered in the kelp forests, in wait of prey leaving the safety of the shallows.



Giant social creatures, often seen traveling in small pods. Their huge, chitinous upper plates are host lớn a variety of marine life.



A slow-moving lifeform capable of filling the water with a poisonous and corrosive compound capable of dissolving even synthetic fibers.

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What happened khổng lồ this planet? Signs abound that something is not right. What caused you lớn crash? What are the mysterious structures scattered around the ocean? Can you find a way to lớn make it off the planet alive?

Are you an Early Access player? Cliông chồng below khổng lồ see a changelog of all the things we"ve sầu added, changed or improved for version 1.0.

SPOILER ALERT! If you"re a new player or simply want khổng lồ preserve sầu the mystery, vày not clichồng this button!


Fixed Cyclops terminal localization. (Jonas) Tuned time capsule spawn chance. (Michael) ClipMapManager no longer monitors chất lượng settings. (Jonas) Fix gun emissives on OSX. (Sylvain) Improved time capsules handling unexpected items. (Vyacheslav) Fixed enzyme clouds healing the player too much. (Igor) Fixed creatures escaping from large aquarium. (Igor) Fixed over credits. (ScottT) Farming balance tweaks. (Michael) Reverted mesh simplifier DLL. A sacrifice for Lord Gendarme. (Sylvain) Added soundtraông chồng. (Simon) Improved PDA FOV. (Sylvain) Fixed Cyclops HUD sorting. (Sylvain) Fixed emissives on disabled gun. (Sylvain) Fixed delete savegame dialog colors. (Lukas) Fixed blurry main thực đơn background. (Sylvain) Fixed localization of rocket customization terminal. (Lukas) Fixed achievements for Cyclops, Seamoth, & Prawn suit. (Max) Adjusted bulbo tree piece balance. (Michael) Fixed storage box tooltip localization. (Lukas) Updated tool animations. (Louis) Improved NaN handling in collision mesh simplifier. Fixed NaNs in mesh simplifier. (max) Merged fix for language selector. (Lukas) "Removed OnlyInEditor script from TimeCapsules. Cleaned out legacy prefabs. (Michael, Kiel)" Merged spawn rate changes for sandsharks & biters. (Michael) Merged updated translator credits. (Lukas) "Fixed time capsule UI localization. Fixed rocket interaction localization. Fixed localization checks." Merged controller fix for encyclopedia audio button. (Max) Merged controller fix for vehicle station. (Max) Merged fixed moonpool refraction artifacts. (Max) Merged improved Cyclops distance field. (Max) Merged water clip proxies for moonpool connectors. (Max) Merged updated hologram bản đồ. (Michael) Merged improved telepathy FX. (Sylvain) Made options thực đơn header wider in-game - hotfix for aerogel VFXfabricating Made "Press Start" label in start screen wider Fixed issue where bases built at the water surface would have the ocean water visibile inside - Full pass on most VFXFabricating entries in the game Hooked up RocketBase & Exosuit with save game slot icons Way better checkboxes. Thanks Andrew! Pass on all teleporter caves for exo suit stuck issues, removed floating svà falls from some batches, fixed floating terrain and entity spawns in some batches Updated save slot tech icons, hooked up exo & rocket, updated EarlyAccessWarning - Fixed null ref in world arrow fix xúc tích of cyclops jet FX code Removed dark blue tint to the fog in jellyshroom caves. improve sầu bubble pop FX Added some final encyclopedia images from Cory. Michael helped me. Hopefully it won"t break anything. Fixed color labels in vehicle upgrade console Translator credits update remove sầu chromatic aberration Finished polish to all Grassy Plats areas in the game. Hooked up bubble pops on the player sound "Separated streaming settings by unique cấp độ. Moved batchLoadRings to lớn streaming settings. Increased batchLoadRings on highest unique level for enhanced view distance." adding chất lượng sound for getting oxyren froma bubble, this should fix a few sound drop outs too, once its hooked up Hooked up top base hatch và drilled resource name with translations, updated translator credits added replacement mesh for bulbo tree sample Fixed sprite packing mode for log icons. volume tweeks "- unload the CrashedShip scene on Rocket launch - tweak the model orientation of the emperor telepathy FX" Updated unit test data. "Packed PDA log sprites to lớn atlas. Fixed broken PDA log icon references. Fixed broken reference khổng lồ propulsion cannon popup image. Fixed broken references lớn alt databank entry images." Minor code cleanup as per J-Dog feedbachồng - Split oxy alerts into two to lớn mitigate interrupting crucial dialog turned material re-import baông xã on and used tự động generated unity material instead on koosh sample mesh force refresh Spherical Harmonics of BaseInterior Skies fix for no sound in generator room on aurora turned off material auto-import on kooshchunk mesh "- remove odd drips from acidBrine FX on seamoth and exo - reduce intensity of seamothHeat overlay FX - improve sầu cyclops jet FX " Added missing meta files for Tom. "Moved object pool extension method to lớn extension class. Fixes precompiler." added simple koosh sample mesh to replace seed Mã Sản Phẩm mixaang Fixed issue with offset head position while running Fixed PowerRelay crash leviathan.fbx - fixed tentacle issues in export. - Fix for rocket save bug that would advance the rocket stage on each cliông xã of the save button - Added HatchingEnzymes Mã Sản Phẩm khổng lồ prefab database - Fixed bug where rocket interface can be seen/used from miles away Cyclops: sonar ping hides visual elements when at lower LOD. Fixed a potential null reference exception. Cleaned up some garbage. fixed incorrect material on fins & fixed skyapplier issue (re-fixing - seemed khổng lồ have got lost somehow) Translator credits (WIP) It was off by 6(!!!) pixels. That"s why. Tiny main thực đơn improvements. One change dedicated to J In-game menu hover effects Fixed issue where screen space reflection was enabled on the water in game fix the scale of the crash fish burst FX rocket construction complete FXs updated walks and idle position leans Missing sprite fix waterplane at wrong position in moonpool volume tweeks News box improved Email box update Swapped yes/no buttons so that yes always comes first. Tiny main menu visual fixes better exosuit sounds Fixed exo suit getting stuchồng in floating islvà cave, fixed cell cấp độ on aurora hallway, fixed scanning of teleporter in lava base from the outside, Fixed culling issues in lava base và gun Fixed start screen playing sounds that would cut out when the main thực đơn appeared Main menu highlights improved, wooo hooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaay Show build watermark only in main thực đơn and loading screen. - small fix khổng lồ prsự kiện cyclops sound spam "Added new log icons Added images for lifepod clues Added missing audio Minor text corrections" Disabled water surface screen space reflections in the main thực đơn when the unique is phối to lớn low cyclops doors are now cool sounding Iterating on main menu issues fix flooding visual "Updated hologram maps. Updated entity stats." fixed exosuit arms not turning forward while docked Added FMOD khổng lồ credits Fixed not being able lớn deploy MVB when swimming near water surface - Sound bug fixes, sound additions (seamoth, cyclops), rocket elevator bug fix Fixed deployed mobile vehicle cất cánh not animating upon save/load cavitating baông xã in small hatches placeholder sounds capped moonpool support beams và raised tops slightly (meshes didnt match up before, showing a small gap) removed references to lớn đá quí blade changed mesh used on basemoonpoolhatch khổng lồ one that has the correct lightmap UVs (fixes broken lightmapping when attaching a hatch directly khổng lồ a moonpool) fixed seams inbetween moonpool pieces fixed minor animation issue while undocking seamoth placeholder helm door sound for cyclops Fixed baby emperors being spawned at origin if were saved in the middle of cinematics. Fixed cure ball appearing at world origin if was saved during drop animation. fixed z-fighting and reduced brightness of Trắng decal on wreckage_02. camera drones no longer chiến bại signal when too far away added subtle vertex animation lớn coral_reef_small_rocks_seaweed Mã Sản Phẩm Fixed TC server URLs eliminated hamburger neông chồng in precElevator cine fixed silicone rubber appearing too dark và matte fixed incorrect material on fins (no longer show up as blachồng when being fabricated) fixing islands audio that jut broke TC sync functionality và pickup sequence. Main thực đơn iteration changed lifepod lift bags khổng lồ be more orange in colour, & less shiny. they now match the rocketbase lift bags in material responsiveness. more consistent ending sequence volumes fixed more gaps in aurora drive room Fix the pod spawning in a new game on top of objects lượt thích corals. dunes loot distribution ambient slider actuallly works now timecap first use look fixed orientation, slight hitch fix constructor screen pop fix "Removed ""quit to lớn desktop"" button. Fixed saving during cinematics in hardcore mode." Branching temp save sầu folder lớn work around file system issues. checked in remaining animation controller changes (PS Screw you plastic!!) minor railing adjustment to lớn prevent rocketmagedon Registering entities spawned by cheats. Iteration on main menu sprites adjustment khổng lồ khổng lồ the rocket door closing cinematic lớn prsự kiện chaos Fixed stray entities not registering anymore. - Rocket elevator causes player to go flying bug fix Fixed props appearing at world origin. exosuit.prefab - reparented geo and arm attaches lớn fix a color changing issue when glass was under root. exosuit.prefab - reparented the glass khổng lồ the root joint to lớn fix floating glass issue. made cure animation work in vr fix telepathy FX intensity relative khổng lồ sound volume settings - World Arrow Polish Pass main thực đơn background tweek adding stop và start sounds for rocket lift constructor_fp.fbx - updated rig khổng lồ use the constructor avatar & then fixed the animation mask. Fixed positioning issue with precursor key terminal animation increasing performance by 1000% bunch o fixes replaced all blaông xã loot cubes with seed meshes ForceRocketReady code cleanup via Jonas Feedbachồng Fixed accessing multiple torpevì storage containers using the controller ok REALLY fixed the forcerocketready cheat this time. Promise. Lost River base fix "Fixed stray entities reappearing at origin. Fixed known stray entities." "Added purple key ency lớn purple key scan (not just fragment) Added hint lớn selfscan once infection progresses Replaced signals with clues for lifepods 4, 6 and 7 Improved ency categories Fixed some missing VO" Add a "gunterminal" gokhổng lồ target. Updated Lava Base materials and sky, fixed lava atmosphere volume under lava base, updated exterior to lost river base, removed unused materials on gun The story of ForceRocketReady, a novella: There once was a cheat that worked called ForceRocketReady. I then broke it. Now I"ve fixed it & it works again. ~fin Fix gendarme warning. Add a notification for taking a screenshot. Fixed NRE in PowerRelay Enhanced jump animations, reduced wonkiness with seaglide equips/unequips (though they remain wonky) Fixed missing reference in MainMenuMusic fixed gap in aurora drive room floor/wall intersection. this required re-exporting the entire aurora. I have checked và can"t see any missing or out-of-place geo, but ideally should be tested thoroughly by PTs precursor_gun_controller - Fixe pháo a param demo that should have been testing for deactivated but was checking for finished. Should fix premature gun deactivation animation issues. First iteration on the updated main thực đơn visuals removing prop from wreck 41 - Updated rebreather warning code as per Jonas feedbaông xã - Added constructor placement mask so rocket / cyclops cannot be built in shallow waters - Fixed bug where sky was visible prior lớn intro cinematic Oxyren warnings now interrupt other PDA messages place holder invalid construction sounds - Fixed staông xã overflow on character controllers Dunes polish pass - Disabled oxy warnings if in vehicle Pipe down Gendarme, ya salty bastard! - Fixed bug where precursor gun didn"t traông xã sunbeam on shootdown cine Added voice and ambient volume sliders re-export of player for cyclops seamoth launch Fixed 1 frame problem where inventory items were improperly placed when switching containers with the controller better "seek fluid intake" VO Fixed "unexpected liveRoot" errors. extended submarine fabricator geo slightly so it clips inlớn wall and is no longer floating Fixed directional lights which are not the sun applying ambient light consistency for VO volumes & now the creatures and reverbs lower their volume while VOs play Fixed typo in ReefbackLife Orient crabsnake to lớn the mushroom lớn prevent clipping through it. Fixed crabsnakes spawned outside of mushroom playing exit mushroom animation tightened up cyclops collision lớn fix lavalarva not being removable with the knife. Whoops, forgot lớn kiểm tra in the actual, you know, change that I made lớn add the final zinger in the credits. Because I"m a big dummy. But it"s ok now. Life is good, man. Like, don"t worry, be happy. tweek - Added final credits ending zinger Small fixes fixed skyapplier issue on reefbackbaby fixed crazy vertex animation on reefback grass (now has a subtle wave sầu effect) changed shader on reefback grass khổng lồ fix blocky shadow issue updated jump animations to lớn avoid clipping of legs through the ground. Also fixed hitch in diving animation loop more VO stuff - Added final credits Fixed Cyclops LOD bug resulting in broken controls after driving. Fixed Type.ToString garbage in profiler tags. BehaviourLOD cleanup. - Updated Upgrade Moonpool Screen Optimized PowerRelay and PowerSystemPĐánh Giá. Adjusting max depth và priority multiplier for peeper breach behavior. - Added Rocket Blueprints to lớn PDA Added fading in of the farthest terrain clip meshes - Added PDA Failed khổng lồ Disable Gun Message on Rocket Launch removed parameters from bé fab controller - Increased rebreather depth warning delay - Dive sầu Reel can"t fire on surface Fixed Camera clipping base 2 collision, fixed aurora scrap not having collision, fixed large terrain hole in Grassy Plateaus, Removed terrain under terrain in many batches, removed entity spawn from under terrain in many batches, fixed kelp above water surface, fixed floating grass in deep grand reef, fixed many floating entity spawns in batches, fixed many floating props and entity slots inside aurora Debugging props appearing at world origin. "Debugging props appearing at world origin. Fixed SwimRandom." fixed the constructor fabrication effect fixed skyapplier issue on deepgrandreef abandoned base fixed skyapplier issue on abandoned jelly shroom base Re-enabled the console for the Chinese market Fixed Xbox build muting fabricator closing sound while u climb out of the pod tweeks to main menu background sound Added a missing "R" which was upsetting peeper. adding a VO when u cant launch the rocket yet main menu lapping waves sound reducing brightness of cubemaps slightly on base glass added missing trlặng piece to lớn generic room hatch corridor prefab No biggie, just fixing my horrible mistake that killed the game (incorrectly labelled ency category) re-added missing trims và fixed material issues inside abandoned bases material tweaks lớn abandoned bases "Fixed Neptune Stage 1 and 2 texts being too long for the text box Added alternative clues for 5 lifepods" Fixed map room scanning ibé after save-load Fixed player world arrows reappearing. Fixed collision issues when skipping intro và possibly at the kết thúc of other cinematics "- Activate disabled ghostModel gameObject on crafting - Workaround inconsistent cubemaps applied on items in escapePod after loading a saved game " - Fixed bug where rocket can be built in bases or precursor facilities - Fixed rocket collider bug that caused the player lớn go flying - Bug fix for rocket stage progress not save sầu loading "Missed file that updated after closing unity. player_view_walks - fixed down look khổng lồ not loops as to stop foot sliding." - Fixed a bug where colors và name didn"t save/load on the rocket "cyclops_launch_bay_seamoth_dock_cin - fixed gap issue in animation, though still persists in prefab. player_view_walks - added squat anims. Fixed several issues." getting player walks from branch it wasn"t intended lớn be a part of. Improved first use animations for ion crystal & precursor key when looking straight down, improving jump landing when looking down (WIP) "Fixed emperor telepathy 2 overlapping with blueprint acquired vo Fixed some subtitle timings Added captain"s log Textloông xã time. " cyclops hatch entry cinematic fix balanced various glass materials to lớn chia sẻ similar values for better visual consistency (also moved glass geo from exosuit out of "root" to lớn prsự kiện material instancing problem) Fixed scanner UI saying "infected" after self-scan before first signs of infection - add FX khổng lồ laser cutter first use event & disable the light when it is unused Fixed bản đồ room cameras picked up by stalker disappearing after save-load Fixed maps room cameras picked by stalker could disappear after save-load, possibly fixed scrap metal at zero coordinates. fixed physics freaking out when entering a non docken vehicle from inside a base Fix the rocket not restoring state after launch leading lớn problems if the player continues playing after being returned to the thực đơn. Also explicitly disable saving during the ending sequence as is done for the intro rather than rely on the cinematic to block it. Cyclops và Base scripts now leverage BehaviourLOD to do less work when far / off-screen from the player. Redrafted creature texts & fixed some bugs many cinematic transition fixes from wet to dry Exosuit.prefab - reparented the glass to lớn follow the root joint. Fixes floating glass during squat animation on lvà. Fixed nhân vật peeper not having enzyme trail after being serialized-deserialized Added avoid terrain behavior to Sea Dragon and Ghost Leviathan. Adjusting avoid obstacle behavior on some creatures. Fixed health & oxyren showing up in creative mode. Fixed missing line breaks in encyclopedia. "Precursor_key_terminal_01 fbx/mask/controller - New rig, optimized export, new animation. KeyTerminal prefabs - Updated khổng lồ new opmtized rig. Additional feature - Hides console glyphs when key is placed in terminal." Fixed being able lớn get titanium for scanning something that isn"t a fragment Fix quitting to desktop via the unsaved game warning returning to the main thực đơn rather than the desktop. "Implemented octree raycasts. Added avoid terrain behavior to reaper." Adjusted boomerang death pose Fixed props clipping coral tube, fixed terrain behind terrain, fixed some very bas issues with floating coral caps, fixed entity slot intersecting pda, fixed floating pdomain authority, fixed floating entity slots in kelp wrechồng 17, Fixed terrain behind terrain, removed entity slots behind terrain in blood kelp "Updated entity data for stats. Updated entity slots data for stats." Cleaned up hacky sky applier fix. Improved concurrency handling in streaming system. Fixed floating entity spawns on mountain isl&, fixed terrain shadows from being seen in caves on mountain island, adjusted atmosphere volumes on mountain island, fixed double entity spawns in many batches, fixed floating pda in escape pod 2 "precursor_key_C_01.fbx, precursor_key_C_02.fbx, precursor_key_terminal_01.fbx, player_view_precursor_key.fbx - updated khổng lồ lademo anims precursorKeyTerminal.prefab, Precursor_BlueKeyTerminal.prefab, Precusor_OrangeKeyTerminal.prefab, Precursor_PurpleKeyTerminal.prefab, Precursor_PurpleKeyTerminal_LavaBase - fixed glyph plane placement to lớn stop cine clipping issues." some more volume tweeks for radio msges consistency fixed cyclops launch bay doors playing sound at wrong location Fixed calculation of enclosing atmosphere volume fixed issue with exosuit tự động looting fix wrong sky applied on player & tools after loading a game in the escapePod fixed player reducing swyên speed at surface instead of increasing save some shader variants tweak some fire materials added disable emissive on story to misc props in gun, Fixed Cell màn chơi on Aurora Hall & connecting props, fixed weldable panels being below floor, replaced planters, fixed floating props, fixed floating entity spawn, fixed pda intersecting with entity spawn in treaders wreông chồng, fixed sky issues in underwater island wreông xã 4, fixed tons of floating props and entity spawns, fixed exo from getting stuck under mushroom, fixed a few more exo stuông chồng issues in koosh zone teleporter, Fixed floating entity spawns in Gr& Reef wrechồng 10, adjusted data box placement, Fixed terrain seam between batches in blood kelp, fixed floating entity spawns in Jelly Shrooms, fixed floating terrain, fixed terrain hole in floating island players could get stuông xã in, fixed exo from getting stuck in some caves, fixed player from getting stuck behind terminal 01 in gun, fixed entity spawns intersecting props, fixed many collision issues in aurora power room, fixed player being able to clip power room floor, fixed culling issue in power room fix Light intensity of the moonpool fabricator SHORT fix Light intensity of the moonpool fabricator Fix Marmophối shadow caster restore player invulnerable during end cinematic "- Fix player being able lớn move during the outro (Remove sầu OnPlayerCinematicModeEnd events from the animation) - More optimized method lớn disable the GUI during the over cinematic và fix GUI pop while loading the credits" "- improve sầu async sound in over sequence - fix missing wrecks model" - Final Dive sầu Reel 2.0 Implementation Adjusted collision on base1 so camera wont clip ceiling, adjusted collision on broken window in base1 lớn prevent players from getting stuck, Fixed an area in the Aurora where players can get stuông chồng, fixed seam in brine lake in lost river, Fixed exosuit stuông xã issue in thermal vent in safe shallows, adjusted some entity spawn near water surface in safe shallows, Updated collisions in grassy wreông xã 2, fixed door repair and fragment scanning, fixed many floating entity spawns, fixed intersecting props, Removed double room entity in aurora, updated culling on Locker Room corridor 02 in aurora, Fixed the exo getting stuchồng under a few arches in safe shallows. Add a trigger collider khổng lồ the island PDA so it can still be picked up even if the terrain mesh swallows it. Fixed Prawn Suit stuck issue in Dissection Room in Prison, Fixed collision alignment in terminal hallway 01 in gun, adjusted fragment spawn in grass wrechồng 12 for consistent scanning, removed grass from inside of grass wreông xã 12, removed terrain and entity slots under terrain, fixed collision gap in Ramp Hallway in gun, Fixed Prawn suit stuchồng bug in lost river under bones Adjusted Atmosphere Volumes và materials inside of gun, adjusted collision on mushrooms forest trees lớn prsự kiện camera clipping, fixed floating pdomain authority in escape pod 12, removed double pdomain authority spawn Adjusted the entry và exit volumes on Lava base, Fixed exo stuông xã bug in lost river base entry, fixed gun exterior culling, Moved upper data box in wreông chồng 1, Adjusted atmosphere volumes in entry khổng lồ Prison, fixed floating propulsion cannon fragment Rebalance the bulkhead khổng lồ be more attractive; 3HPhường rather than 2HP to be competitive with foundations, and rubber rather than lithium to be available earlier. Reduced seaglide gcallocs. Sea Emperor trail managers no longer LOD-disable while on screen. Improve tư vấn for 21:9 và wide multi-head displays. Fix scanning ghost models like the strange doll repeatedly for infinite titanium. Fix hull strength modifiers being multiplied by room corners. Subtitles optimizations. Fixed ### numbers in PDA log. "- Optimize rocket wrecks - Delay parts of rocket launch lớn smooth hitching - Add more shader variants to the shaderVariantCollection" fix mesmer materials "- fix console comm& khổng lồ force rocket launch - disable the cave sầu craweler" less annoying thực đơn sounds adding light ring gloss value to altrộn of albevì texture added light ring to lớn dive sầu reel quieter thực đơn sounds Swapped out Chair in Safe Shallows wrechồng 15, Adjusted crash fish spawn positions, fixed floating props, fixed floating entity slots on mountain isl&, Fixed databox light in modular wreông chồng from lighting exterior, adjusted the material for lab counter, adjusted collision for ceilings in base 2, removed terrain behind terrain, removed entity slots behind terrain rocketship_stage_03 - did minor geo tweak khổng lồ rig và reexported scene khổng lồ fix z fighting issue in launch console graphics. Fixed some subtitle bugs Fixed air bladder animations & added first use anyên. Reduced dive sầu reel fire kickback. Fixed pops for sprint anims & reduced sliding. Tweaked runs for less popping. merging andi"s exosuit glass fix khổng lồ main fixed collisions on rocket platkhung. added collision lớn railings. Fixed Sea Dragon biting target while spitting fire "- Terrain shaders now use a HDR color picker for the Specular color - Add skybox shader variants khổng lồ the ShaderVariantCollection (attempt to lớn fix hitch when starting the kết thúc cinematic)" Fix issues with prawn docking và the grtáo bị cắn arm that was the cause of the cyclops sometimes getting thrown millions of meters when docking. Also fix the torpebởi arm causing physics issues in general. smooth out velocity twice as fast above sầu water sped up settling of camera Add an alternative sầu quit confirmation window that shows when the player hasn"t saved in a configurable amount of time & reminds them of it. Doesn"t show in a hardcore game. Fixed floating stones starting lớn fall to lớn the ground when player is far enough Fixed floating props, Removed terrain behind terrain, removed all shadows from precursor gun interior lights, fixed double entity spawns, fixed gun culling issues, Adjusted mountain atmosphere volumes, removed ocean water from mountains save, fixed floating entity spawns in mountain caves reduced ambient emissive on prawn suit slightly reduced gloss value on exterior pieces of base to lớn reduce mirror-look in svào cubemap areas (mushroom forest for example) Fixed getting stuông chồng at loading camera drone screen due khổng lồ a stalker has stolen the camera drone. "Killed some bugs Fixed some timings Added special popup for alien ingredients" increase the duration of the telepathy FX on first encounter new avery quin VOs for sunbeam stuff. "- improve timing of the warp effect and final Trắng screen - (hacky) fix the player taking damage during the outro - trigger the telepathy FX - add console commvà lớn ease rocket launch testing - tweak rocket sparks và red lights - delete uGUI_EndGame" lowered emissive sầu on escape pod chair Adjusting direction of Sea Dradon slap attaông xã force added display screen khổng lồ điện thoại vehicle cất cánh Addressed more issues regarding sprinting pops and inconsistencies. Fixed issue with neông xã appearing while using some items. Fixed chest ugly geo during side swims when holding some items - Dive reel iteration -- fixed up animations and deploy positions Fixed Gendarme asserts Dive reel iteration - Signal pings now visually disable when getting cchiến bại lớn them cherry picked time capsule animations Hooked up new crafting thực đơn và fabricator sounds some timing & mixing tweeks Fixed shoulder issue during sideways swims Removed large smooth rocks that everyone hates. Blended in smaller boulders và rocks. Tweaked fog khổng lồ be slightly darker & murkier. Removed key redemption tab on non-Steam platforms fixed collision issues on dropdown section of rocket base. fixed z-fighting on rocket base light geometry. increasing light emissive value in base, was too dark before & didnt look bright enough. decreased emissive on underneath of lifepod, was too bright before. "- fix VFXcontroller stop method - fix peeper trails always visible - enzyme cloud & peeper trail FX - tweak cyclops & seamoth water splash " new crafting thực đơn interface sounds added player jump animation and impact smoothing Fixed bleeder suông xã blood sound và effect playing after it being detached with prop cannon. Detach bleeder when the player enters base, Cyclops or precursor base to lớn prsự kiện it from swimming in the air. engagind thrusters now = engaging ion boosters Hooked up punch bleeder sound, fixed hit bleader animation not being syncronized with sounds fixed blocky shadow on coral plant. Fix various collider/bounds issues on the room corridor & hatch. Further unify the room-facing portions of hatch & corridor with the covers. Removed deprecated analytics. Fixed crafting thực đơn icon notification offphối English.json fix (unparsable character) Fixed issue where depth of field was forced on in VR mode fixing issue with rocket door causing player to lớn lochồng up - Med kit fabricator door SFX hookup - Rocket bug fixes, timing changes "sounds for medkitlockerers nice sound for hatching leviathan eggs sound for reseting dive sầu reel path" fixed flipped text decals. fixed duplicated tryên ổn pieces being placed on top of each other (some trims were still in the FBX files - they have all been removed. should now only use the tryên Model pieces). balanced spec/gloss on all trims. fixed incorrect smoothing on base walls. fixed incorrectly applied sky on L shaped corridor. fixed gaps between wall pieces. Fixed creatures being able to lớn attack the player through walls bleeder punch sound & looping sound for reel nodes Fix being able lớn build base segments into seamoths, prawns, và the escape pod. Add constructable bounds to the BaseCorridorCaps so they can"t clip their colliders into lớn things. Adjust constructable bounds on the room hatch as colliders were outside & could clip into lớn things. Fix the builder not considering scene objects as gameobject obstacles & ignoring ConstructionObstacle. - More SFX lớn dive sầu reel 2.0 placeholders for new divereel sounds Updated sea dragon behavior - Added queuing khổng lồ "Signal Uploaded to lớn PDA" notification lớn prsự kiện VO overlap - Next Divereel iteration, 2.2 Try lớn prsự kiện vehicles and players being thrown far away from origin by physics bugs by placing them back at a safe location if it happens. Also fix the Cyclops getting frozen in mid-air higher than a player could unfreeze by approaching. "some timing adjustments " update khổng lồ ending cinematic music và sounds no more pda VO during locket launch sequence , timing a nd volume chnages to emporer VO Fix creepvine seeds not being scannable until picked up and dropped. Fix kelp seeds preventing swimming/driving through kelp forests. Fix the creepvine seed dropping as a textured box. Added distance cull to lớn mountains teleporter to fix it floating on min spec, updated databox in modular wreck 13 so the light wouldn"t shine through exterior, fixed floating spawns, adjusted data box placement, & adjusted collision for fragment scanning in modular wreông chồng 13 "Fixed Grass intersecting inlớn wrechồng parts for Grass wreông xã 14, adjusted floating entity spawns in mountain caves, fixed skies và floating props in wrechồng 8, fixed precursor terminal alignment and consistency, fixed fragment scanning in mushroom forest wreông xã, fixed sun culling on exterior of gun " Fixed OVR not using the headset audio device " ??? ?????