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IntroductionIf you"re closely following the Connect(); developer sự kiện by Microsoft over the last couple of days, then you must have heard that Microsoft has announced the availability of a fully featured version of Visual Studio edition for miễn phí. Yes, Microsoft is going big time open source with the complete .Net Framework & announced Visual Studio Community 2013, a fully-featured IDE for miễn phí. It is a fully featured version of Visual Studio & supports any extension from the Visual Studio Gallery. There are no restrictions on it và you can use it for developing any type of application, except you can"t use it for an enterprise or large teams of more than 5 people. It mainly focuses on individual developers, students, hobbyists, open source contributors and small development teams (max 5 users). Scott Guthrie announced this news in the Connect(); sự kiện with the tagline, “It"s the best time khổng lồ be a developer”. Today, và onwards, if you are in any of the above sầu categories then there is no need to use the feature-limited Express Editions of Visual Studio or to purchase a fully functional Visual Studio. Just install the Visual Studio Community 2013 và unleash the full power of Visual Studio khổng lồ build solutions. In this article, I"m providing you with a step-by-step guide to the installation of Visual Studio Community 2013.

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PrerequisitesThe following system requirements are required to lớn install Visual Studio Community 2013 inlớn your system. Operation System:

Windows 8.1, 8 và Windows 7 SP1

Hardware Requirements:

1.6 GHz or faster processor 1 GB of RAM 20 GB of không tính tiền hard disk space 5400 RPM hard disk drive sầu DirectX 9-Capable Video card with 1024x768 of minimum resolution

Getting StartedTo install the Visual Studio Community 2013, you need khổng lồ use the following procedure to lớn complete the installation. I"m using Windows 8 for the installation, but it holds true for the operating systems mentioned in the prerequisites.Step 1

Cliông chồng on the following URL & you will be shown the following screen.

Step 2

Clichồng on the Download button and an installer file will start downloading lớn your system.

Step 3

After the tệp tin is completely downloaded on your system, clichồng on the file & run the thiết lập. An important point to note here is Visual Studio demands a minimum of 9 GB space to be available somewhere in all your partitions. Please ensure this requirement to continue with the installation.

Check the “I agree” checkbox và you"ll be shown the Next button on the bottom-right of the wizard. Cliông chồng it to proceed.Step 4

Choose from the following options to install the specific or complete features. It is a best practice to lớn install all the features, still you can choose depending on your requirements and cliông xã Install.

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Step 5

The installation process takes some time to tải về the useful resources and other files from the mạng internet to lớn complete the installation depending upon the tốc độ of your mạng internet connection. During my installation, it took just 1 hour khổng lồ complete the installation.

Step 6

After the setup is finished installing Visual Studio Community 2013 on your machine, it shows the following window. Clichồng on “Launch” to lớn launch Visual Studio.

Step 7

The Welcome screen prompts you to sign in with your Microsoft Account for the first time.

Step 8

Click on "Sign in" và you"ll be prompted to lớn enter your login credentials.

Step 9

Log in with your Microsoft credentials & cliông xã Sign in. You"ll be prompted lớn create a Visual Studio Online tài khoản. You can either choose to lớn create one or skip it by clicking the “Not now, maybe later”.

Step 10

Afterwards, you"ll be prompted khổng lồ choose your environment settings. If you"re a C# programmer, choose Visual C# as your Development settings. You can also choose your color theme from one of three options.

Step 11

When you"re done with your development settings, cliông xã Start Visual Studio & voila, you are ready to lớn play with the fully functional Visual Studio Community 2013 for free.

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ConclusionI hope this article helps you to lớn install Visual Studio Community 2013 step-by-step. Your feedbaông xã và constructive criticism is always appreciated, keep it coming. Until then, try to lớn put a ding in the universe!

This article is featured as "Article of the Day" on Microsoft"s official ASPhường.NET trang web on 23-Nov-năm trước.