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I"ve sầu just installed Windows Server 2008 R2 as a VM. Everything seems lớn be working fine apart of mạng internet explorer.

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I"m trying to lớn download Siverlight and a few other things but IE8 keeps telling me that Downloads are disabled. When I go khổng lồ the settings, security on IE8, the option khổng lồ change the settings are faded & I can"t change it at all.

Does anyone know what I should be doing lớn change it?

Cheers,Fred Kaiser


It"s a pain in the rear, isn"t it? That is an intentional choice on Microsoft"s part. There are ways to lớn enable downloads, but wouldn"t recommover it. No matter how certain you are of the reputation of the website you"re visiting, it"s a Server OS & you shouldn"t be using it to browse the internet even to lớn download patches, installers, etc.

Instead, use your workstation to lớn bởi vì your downloading và then copy the files up lớn the Server for installation.

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I agree with everything ErikA said - however if you absolutally 100% totally vì chưng have sầu to download on the VPS (and sometimes it is the only choice) then you need lớn add the site you"re trying to lớn download from inkhổng lồ your Trusted Sites danh mục.

This can be fun when the site you"re downloading from keeps redirecting you khổng lồ a random mirror each time you attempt the download, but it works most of the time.

The other option is khổng lồ disable the IE Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) from the front page of the Server Manager snapin ("Configure IE ESC"). This is quite drastic though and should only be done as a last resort, & should never ever be done on a production system (especially a terminal server)



To enable tải về follow these instructions:

go khổng lồ Internet Explorer options.cliông xã on Security tab.clichồng in custom level.tìm kiếm for downloads.cliông chồng on enable under enable download files.finally cliông chồng ok

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