Zuma deluxe on steam

Tons of levels to lớn play Great presentation makes the game more enjoyable Simple lớn play, but still provides a challenge See how long you can survive sầu in Gauntlet Mode, or progress through the game in Adventure Mode Various bonuses và powerups increase the fun

Zuma Deluxe: The original spin-and-shoot match-3 puzzle game

In Zuma Deluxe, put your ayên & matching skills khổng lồ the test as you travel khổng lồ the ancient temples of Latin America lớn save the Frog Idol & eliminate as many colored balls as you can.

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Get 3 or more balls of the same color in a row and the traông xã will shorten. Stop the track of balls before it reaches the over of the line or it's game over.

This takes some serious skills!

Don't get overwhelmed with the multi-tasking involved with Zuma Deluxe especially on the levels with multiple tracks. Just make sure you don't let the trachồng of balls reach the Golden Skull or your game will be over.

Venture into lớn 12 crazy levels

Complete the 12 increasingly difficult levels và receive sầu a special bonus màn chơi. Who knows where this cấp độ will take you?

Zuma Deluxe takes strategy!

You can interchange two available balls by simply right clicking with your mouse. Changing the color of your available balls will definitely get you out of those sticky situations.

You might need some help

There are four types of bonuses that appear randomly on balls, & can be rewarded by exploding the balls containing them.

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There is the explosion ball, which wipes out all the balls in the immediate radius.There's also a slow-progress bonus ball, which slows the balls for a short time.The reverse-direction bonus ball rewinds the balls back up the traông chồng for a short distance, & the accuracy bonus gives your frog a visible pointing-arrow & allows you to lớn fire balls quicker for a short time.

Get some essential help with these fun bonuses và powerups.

trò chơi modes for everyone

With 2 different game modes, adventure and gauntlet, the hardcore gamers can thử nghiệm their skills & beginners can learn to lớn play.

Adventure mode takes you through a series of levels at ancient temples and gauntlet mode provides a endless stream of balls, see how long you can make it.

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Fun for the whole family

With a simple & clean interface, Zuma Deluxe is great for the family. It's easy enough for children khổng lồ master and complex enough lớn keep adults interested.

Play Zuma Deluxe cộ Now!

Kill your boredom with this dizzy adventure while also exercising your mind with the fast game play. Zuma Deluxe pháo will chạy thử your hand-eye coordination, ayên và strategical skills focus. Download Zuma Deluxe game now và have a blast!

Zuma Deluxe cộ Review

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