How to convert string to integer type in go?

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Documentation ¶

Package strconv implements conversions khổng lồ và from string representationsof basic data types.

Numeric Conversions ¶

The most common numeric conversions are Atoi (string khổng lồ int) và Itoa (int khổng lồ string).

i, err := strconv.Atoi("-42")s := strconv.Itoa(-42)These assume decimal & the int type.

ParseBool, ParseFloat, ParseInt, and ParseUint convert strings khổng lồ values:

b, err := strconv.ParseBool("true")f, err := strconv.ParseFloat("3.1415", 64)i, err := strconv.ParseInt("-42", 10, 64)u, err := strconv.ParseUint("42", 10, 64)The parse functions return the widest type (float64, int64, and uint64),but if the form size argument specifies a narrower width the result can beconverted to that narrower type without data loss:

s := "2147483647" // biggest int32i64, err := strconv.ParseInt(s, 10, 32)...i := int32(i64)FormatBool, FormatFloat, FormatInt, & FormatUint convert values khổng lồ strings:

s := strconv.FormatBool(true)s := strconv.FormatFloat(3.1415, 'E', -1, 64)s := strconv.FormatInt(-42, 16)s := strconv.FormatUint(42, 16)AppendBool, AppendFloat, AppendInt, và AppendUint are similar butappover the formatted value to lớn a destination slice.

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String Conversions ¶

Quote và QuoteToASCII convert strings lớn quoted string literals.The latter guarantees that the result is an ASCII string, by escapingany non-ASCII Unicode with u:

q := strconv.Quote("Hello, 世界")q := strconv.QuoteToASCII("Hello, 世界")QuoteRune và QuoteRuneToASCII are similar but accept runes andreturn quoted rune literals.

Unquote và UnquoteChar unquote string and rune literals.

Index ¶

Examples ¶

Constants ¶

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const IntSize = intSize
IntSize is the kích thước in bits of an int or uint value.

Variables ¶

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var ErrRange = errors.New("value out of range")
ErrRange indicates that a value is out of range for the target type.

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var ErrSyntax = errors.New("invalid syntax")
ErrSyntax indicates that a value does not have the right syntax for the target type.

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Functions ¶

func AppendBool ¶

func AppendBool(dst <>byte, b bool) <>byte
AppendBool appends "true" or "false", according lớn the value of b,lớn dst and returns the extended buffer.

Example ¶

package mainimport ("fmt""strconv")func main() b := <>byte("bool:")b = strconv.AppendBool(b, true)fmt.Println(string(b))Output:bool:true