Apple seeds third beta of ios 11

It"s been a couple of weeks và everyone in the iOS Public Beta Program has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of iOS 11.4 Public Beta 3.

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It"s finally here và, I"m sorry to lớn say, it"s a snooze fest. This was already on track khổng lồ be one of the dullest beta cycles ever &, unless you"ve got an iPhone 8, there"s not a lot of change between iOS 11.3 và iOS 11.4 from a user"s perspective.

HomePod streaming has been in và out of the beta thử nghiệm (depending on availability of the feature in the HomePod beta firmware) & Apple TV multi-room streaming has been played around with (again, however, you need to lớn be running the tvOS 11.4 beta). Other than the inclusion of (Product)RED wallpapers for some, there"s not much else cooking in this release.

I can only imagine that Apple Developers are using the iOS 11.4 release to shore up the very baông chồng over of things that not even outside developers see. Either that or like an MC stalling for the next act, Apple is biding its time until they can announce iOS 12 this summer.

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In the meantime, iOS 11.4 Public Beta 3 is now available for your downloading và testing needs. Head lớn Settings > General > Software Update on your enrolled iOS device và clichồng Download & Install khổng lồ get started.

How To Start Testing

Did you delete your beta profile after iOS 11.3 was released? Need to get signed up? Head over to https://beta.táo bị cắn dở.com/ & sign in with your enrolled Apple ID (or create a beta trương mục if you don"t have sầu one already) & follow the steps. They"re fairly self-explanatory, but if you get stuchồng, kiểm tra out my How To Install Apple Public Betas guide (khổng lồ be honest, you should kiểm tra it out anyway for helpful reminders of things lớn watch out for when beta testing).

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