Lg g3 d855 download mode

Sometimes it might have happened to you that you have sầu erased your tải về mode while doing some fun with adb commands & enjoying game android development with starter knowledge. In this process you unfortunately destroyed your download mode. Now you want to lớn go back to stoông xã but your download mode is not appearing only a fastboot mode opening saying some very tensed & confusing things lớn understands. This is the situation where you are totally messed up và out of mind. Don"t know what lớn bởi vì. Tried whole of mạng internet and can"t find a solution. Now method is working and you want a fix. Then this thread is gonna help you a lot. You will be very happy to read instructions here cause they are easy & also phone saving too. These instructions can even save sầu your amount to lớn be given lớn a repairing siêu thị. So a lot of introduction is done, let"s proceed lớn the process. First of all read disclaimer to lớn avoid any misunderstandings of future.

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Your warranty is void now. I am not responsible for any mistake and wrong thing happens to lớn your device. Always try if you have a good knowledge of that.These steps are not an official LG and therefore not endorsed by LG Electronics in any way. As such, this is a "try-at-your-own-risk" approach. Please make sure to bachồng up your important files when trying this for the first time. I take no responsibility for any undue outcomes resulting from the use of these steps & instructions. And all the best for step.
Things you Need:
1: LG united di động drivers here. (Skip you have already)2: adb & Fastboot drivers from here. (To bởi vì flashing commands). Minimal Edition.3: Make sure "USB debugging" is on for you LG G3 device. If not sure kiểm tra here.4: laf.img for your device . (Download mode image). Most important thingDownload it from here according khổng lồ your device variant lượt thích as d850, d855 or etc.Select your variant > Stochồng partitions > 10D > laf.img ( I prefer 10d laf.img you are welcome khổng lồ try other ).5: LG G3 device in fastboot mode by connecting khổng lồ PC while phone is powered off pressing volume up(+) button.6: And the most important thing a computer. (I tried it on Windows 10 but will work on 7,8 và others too.Steps:1: Install LG united sản phẩm điện thoại drivers.

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2: Install "adb & fastboot mode" drivers. Copy "laf.img" to the directory where you installed them và run "MAF32.exe" Mine is "C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot"3: Connect your LG G3 device while in fastboot mode.(Make sure drivers are installed).4: Cheông chồng if connection is right by doing this command
5: If you done right your device might appear. (Sometimes as a question mark too)6: To flash download mode. Exedễ thương these commands in sequence.(Make sure "laf.img" is copied to lớn that thư mục where you installed the adb và fastboot drivers and is named as "laf.img").

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7: Pull battery of your device và reboot into tải về mode again if flashing is successful. Download mode might appear as original. If not then you might have not listened lớn instructions. (If still stuông xã ask in comments).If i helped you anyhow press "Thanks"

All the best with process.Credits:Autoprime for the stochồng partitions.shimp208 for minimal ADB và fastboot drivers.And all others who gave some ideas, drivers & tools for that method lớn work.