Metal slug

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a game by SNK
Platforms: XBox, PC, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 Đánh Giá
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 40 votes
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I am going out a limb here và saying that Metal Slug 3 is my favorite in the entire series! Which is really hard lớn say as this is a series where I actually like pretty much every game that is in it! For me, Metal Slug 3 just nails the formula and it was a fitting end to lớn the “real” SNK before they became what we pretty much have sầu today.

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The Truth Is Out There

I swear for an arcade shooter, the Metal Slug series has a far more interesting story than it has any right to! I really lượt thích the direction that the story went with this third game. It is mix many years after the events of Metal Slug 2, but once again you feel that the no-good General Morden is up lớn his old tricks. Well, that turns out to lớn not exactly be the case as the story of Metal Slug 3 involves aliens and an alien mothership! It is great stuff & thanks to the amazing graphics, it is brought khổng lồ life very well.



Where You Wanna Go?

The core gameplay is unchanged and I am not going to criticize the game for that at all. It does what the previous games did và it does it just as well if not better. The big improvement here is that the levels now have sầu branching paths that you can take. You example the very first mission actually has three different routes that you can take!

This is great stuff as for me it really does improve sầu the replayability of the game. I know the first time I ever played the PlayStation 2 version of Metal Slug 3 and heard that there were multiple paths on the levels. I knew I was going lớn go baông xã & experience them all.

Fun New Additions

Metal Slug 3 does add a few fun things to the game. I really liked the transformations in the second game & that has been brought back here. This time you can turn inlớn a zombie and even sport some really cool scutía diving gear for an underwater section.

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There are even more Slugs for you lớn wage war with this time & they are even more over the top than in the previous game. The Elephant Slug is exactly what it sounds like, an elephant with some heavy-duty firepower. The Astro Slug lets you kiông xã some serious alien butt & is probably my favorite. These new Slugs are not just fun khổng lồ use, but SNK was very clever and made sure that many of them have an actual purpose in some of the levels.



I love sầu Metal Slug 3 I really vị. If I had lớn suggest just one of the original SNK made games it would without a doubt be this one here. The sprite work is the best it has ever been, the soundtraông xã is amazing và the game is bigger và better in every regard over the two Metal Slug games that came before it. I really cannot praise this one enough, it is an absolute must-play for any shooter fan.



The game once again looks fantasticI love sầu the new transformationsIt has more Slugs than ever beforeIn single and multiplayer, it is a fantastic timeThe story takes a very interesting turn


A little slow down here and thereI really wish the original SNK did not go out of business
reggie posted a review