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Metro Exodus is a single-player đoạn phim game that is all about shooting. The developer of this game is 4A Games và publisher is the Deep Silver. It is the third addition lớn the entire trilogy of the metro đoạn Clip game based on the novels of Glukhovsky. It was a follow-up of the happenings of Metro: Last Night và Metro 2033. It launched in the year 2019 for platforms like Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. 

For Amazon Lumãng cầu, it was launched in the year 20trăng tròn. An improved edition of the game is supposed lớn be out for the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 in the year 2021 after version a version for Linux and Mac will be launched in March 2021 and even later. It gained a lot of appreciation from the critics. 

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What is the game about? 

Metro Exodus is a shooter Clip game that has stealth and survival horror components. It is themed in the wasteland which occurs after the apocalyptic of the earlier Republic of Kazakhschảy và the Russian Federation too. The player is supposed to lớn keep coping with the new dangers và get engaged in the battle held in opposition to the murdered creatures & endangered humans. 

The player has lớn wield a sequence of completely handcrafted weapons that can be personalised with the help of scavenging equipment along with a crafting mechanism. The game comprises an amalgamation of different levels of the environment. Some additionally included things are a high-cấp độ weather mechanism, a day-night system, and different environments that keep changing with the changes in the story as it advances.

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It is themed khổng lồ suit the session of a complete in-the-game year. 


Metro Exodus is themed to lớn suit the year 2035 which is just one year later to the happenings of the earlier version in which the earth was ravaged by a nuclear war. The game is a continuation of the story from the last version of the game which ends the same as the earlier two versions. The player assumes the role played by Artyom who flies away to the Moscow Metro & then to a continent where he spans his journey with all his rivals khổng lồ the distant eastern region on a locomotive sầu body toàn thân known as the Aurora. 

The story happens for one year which starts with a tough winter in the game. Also, an important character who returns from the earlier game, as well as the book of Metro 2035, is a character called Anmãng cầu who is presently the wife of Artyom. 

When the D6 has already been attacked, there is disillusionment in Artyom with the repeated corruption và fighting in the Metro who kept the order of Spartung. He starts his obsession with witnessing the existence of other human survivors in the game take a toll. 

There are several modes in the game. It can be played in both multiplayer and single-player modes. The player can play it all alone or by joining other teams comprising of gaming partners. The game can be played online as well as offline which means that it doesn’t always need an mạng internet connection for the game khổng lồ function. 

Overall, it is outstanding which deserves a try from all those gamers who are crazy about shooter games. The gameplay of this game is really interesting và it keeps changing from time lớn time which doesn’t make it dull & tedious to lớn the players. 

Main features of the game 

The game has been very popular not just as a single one, but as the entire game series of Metro. However, many people haven’t played a single title of this game series. For them, it is important khổng lồ know about the notable features of the game which are mentioned below as follows: 


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