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a game by JoWood Vienna
Platforms: XBox, PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 review, 1 Review is shown
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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If you have sầu ever had khổng lồ actually live sầu next to lớn Neighbours from Hell you will find this game very therapeutic. This is a fun game to play if you are looking for something a little kooky và different from the norm. This game was released well over a decade ago on various platforms, but it was on the Nintenvị GameCube where I originally played the game. This was a bit of a cult hit, so much so that this along with its sequel were repacked as Neighbours Baông xã from Hell and released on platforms such as the Nintenvì Switch.

Woody Is The Man!

The story of the game has a fair bit of charm to it. Our main character & the guy we play as is called Woody. Woody is a pretty average guy & he is happy living his best life. His life is turned upside down when an annoying neighbor called Mr. Rottweiler moves in next door khổng lồ hyên và drives hlặng insane. The premise of Neighbours from Hell is a lot of fun và it gets even more fun.

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Woody is at his wit"s end so he calls in a TV crew and they start a TV show that showcases just how bad a neighbor he has và it is up to Woody lớn show how bad he is và to play pranks on hlặng to lớn make sure the show has good ratings.

Teaching Hyên ổn A Lesson

Neighbours from Hell is played from a kind of 2D perspective, but you can move sầu inkhổng lồ and out of the foreground. You need to lớn sneak around Mr. Rottweiler’s house and play tricks on hyên too annoying hlặng. Which the TV viewers will watch and applaud. These range from messing with his TV reception to putting an iron on his phone so get gets burnt when he answers it. In many ways, this is kind of lượt thích a puzzle game as you need to lớn figure out what objects phối with what to make a prank.

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Mr. Rottweiler, his dog, & his parrot need to be avoided. You vày this by hiding under the bed, in a clophối, & so on. You can also cause distractions that will make him go khổng lồ one part of the house so you can work in another. If you get caught, you get beaten up and must repeat the whole thing again.

I Saw You On TV!

They do a really good job with the presentation in Neighbours from Hell. For a game that is a few generations old. Thanks khổng lồ the animated TV show style they went for it has actually aged quite gracefully, my only complaint is that things can be a little dark.


The cut scenes are hilarious và very well done and the voice acting that is here feels very fitting lớn the premise of the game.

It was a real blast from the past for me khổng lồ go baông chồng & play this. I had a lot of fun with it when it was first released & I bởi vì feel it holds up fairly well to lớn this day. However, I have sầu khổng lồ be truthful và say that rather than going and playing Neighbours from Hell on Game Cube, Xbox, or whatever. You would be far better skipping over this and playing the newly remastered version of the game Neighbours Baông chồng from Hell which is a much better game in pretty much every regard.


I liked Woody as a characterThe whole premise of the game is a lot of funThe game has aged pretty well graphicallyPulling off pranks is a good time!


It can be frustrating when you get caughtThe new Neighbours Baông xã from Hell pretty much makes this version obsolete