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*"s already there in the game files; there"s also a orchestral version that you can buy online as a CD và the original version if you want lớn buy it for some reason.

You watching: Soundtrack as download? :: nier:automata™ general discussions"s already there in the game files it"s not It is; otherwise you wouldn"t have sound in game...
The soundtraông chồng is officially available in iTunes, Amazon & the Square Enix Store. Moreover, it just recently went online on Spotify và other streaming platforms. However, availability of the streaming services depends on your country/region.
It is; otherwise you wouldn"t have sound in game... A soundtraông chồng is an album of the music featured in the game, either a physical CD or a thư mục with MP3/WAV/OGG/M4A etc regularly playable files, not the encrypted files that contain the music used in the game that you can"t open with regular music players.

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Moreover, the encrypted files are not the full songs, but separated orchestral, instrumental, and vocal tracks that are used in the game to lớn generate a dynamic soundtrack depending on what you bởi and where you are.
The soundtrack is officially available in iTunes It is? Didn"t know that, I always only knew about the SE site và Amazon, but those are physical CDs not digital.
you can extract the full soundtrack from the game files No you can"t.

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Or at least not directly, and you won"t over up with complete songs.As I already explained in the post above sầu, the music files used in the games aren"t normal audio files, they"re encrypted, and compressed in packages along other game files.Most of the music files found in the game don"t have sầu the ending portion of the songs, but are loopable, meaning they abruptly stop in specific points to then go baông xã khổng lồ a previous specific point khổng lồ continue the tuy nhiên indefinitely.On top of that, each individual song is split into lớn its needed components to create a dynamic soundtrack in the game.This means, as example, that a specific song has it"s base instrumental version without vocals, the upbeat parts of it(not the full instrumental) that"s layered on top of the instrumental during combat, and vocals, và these 3 components gets dynamically mixed during game to create what you over up hearing.On top of this, these parts might be split inkhổng lồ separate files each containing a different portion of the tuy vậy used for specific parts of a bigger area, so that, as example, entering an area features the calming portion of the song, looped, but as soon as a dramatic dialogue happens in that area the sound track changes khổng lồ the dramatic portion of that same song, looped.And none of these files are named in an understable way.An example of all this is The End Of YoRHa, the tuy vậy used during the final credit in ending E:it"s named BGM_0_007_1 in the files(that is, once unpacked, there"s no tệp tin named like that in the regular folders), & it"s the start of the tuy nhiên plus the central part of it lasting for 10 minutes(more than how the actual tuy nhiên duration), and has no vocals.All of the above sầu means that khổng lồ extract one tuy vậy, you"d have sầu khổng lồ find a program that can navigate và extract the specific kind of packages used in this game, open each package và explore each of its thousands of files(i.e. the volcals for songs are put together with regular voices used in the game, like grunts when getting hit, & other sounds lượt thích footsteps, wind blowing etc, so if you find one it doesnt mean that package or group of files are the ones you needed, the rest might be elsewhere), extract them, convert them, mix them together with proper timing và knowing which part goes with which(the upbeat portion of a tuy nhiên might be made just of the drums, percussions và orchestral strings, which unless you already know the songs well, it"s hard lớn underst& to lớn which tuy vậy they belong to), all of this with the chance that the ending of a tuy vậy isn"t even present in the game files because, being a dynamic soundtrachồng, most songs are just faded out without a proper ending.All of this for one tuy nhiên, which means you"d have sầu khổng lồ repeat the entire process for the remaining 35 songs.So again, the music being in the game does not mean the soundtrachồng itself is in the game files, that"s simply not how most games work.