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In this post, we will explore how lớn download SAP2000 student version. We will also get an evaluation copy of the software.

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SAP2000 is flexible civil-engineering software. It is used for analysis and thiết kế. With it, you can design any type of structural system. SAP2000 has become one of the most reliable integrated productive software. It is also a practical general purpose structural program. In addition, the intelligent interface lets you develop structural models fast. Furthermore, you can use it for all of your analysis and thiết kế tasks. Besides, you can use it to solve sầu daily problems. Additionally, its features make it suitable for basic and advanced systems. Besides, you can also use SAP2000 for education.

The developer has provided noncommercial licenses. These licenses are in three categories. The first one is for Academic pricing. Here, the University faculty or Administrator has khổng lồ apply with its letterhead & submit a quote request. While the second one allows anyone to apply for evaluation. Then lastly, the SAP2000 Student Version. To get the student version, you must request for a copy of the software through your professor.

Without any further delay, let us show you how to lớn get SAP2000 student version now.

Limitations of SAP2000 Student Version

You cannot save Models with more than 100 point objects.Models with more than 100 analysis joints cannot be analyzed (linear).Besides, models with more than 30 analysis joint cannot be analyzed (nonlinear)Also, 64-bit analysis is not available.A student cannot apply for the software.For Academic pricing, the university faculty or administrator has to apply with its letterhead and submit a quote request.

Steps for getting the SAP2000 student version

Go to the Then, clichồng on the “sales & pricing, cliông chồng on “Noncommercial pricing”Also, on the page that opens, you will see details of the pricing for students và educators.For students, you need khổng lồ request for a copy of the SAP2000 student version of the software through your professor.The professor should sover an gmail to lớn sales with a valid University tin nhắn address.Upon receipt, the developer’s Support will respond directly to the Professor.You will get a liên kết lớn download the software through the professor’s email address.Hence, that is how to download SAP2000 student version.

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Features of the SAP2000 software

Has a single user interface. This is for you khổng lồ exedễ thương your modelling, analysis, design and reporting.This software has varieties of templates. This is for you lớn quickly start creating a new Model. It has parametric templates for several structures. These structures include: Simple Beams, 3D Trusses, 3D Frames, Storage Vessels, Staircases, Dam Structures và pipes.You will be a able lớn view & manipulate analytical and physical models. This, you will be able khổng lồ vì chưng with great precision. It can easily custom views and develop evaluations khổng lồ view and manipulate complex geometry.SAP2000 has various grid systems in a Model which can be rotated in any direction or placed at any origin within the Model.

Limitations of SAP2000 software Evaluation

There are many limitations to the evaluation version of the SAP2000 software. They include:

Models made in the Evaluation version are not compatible with the commercial version, and vice-versa.And that the Evaluation version should not be used to lớn start any real project.You may not be able to access the Models made with the Evaluation version after the evaluation license expires or when there is an update of the evaluation software.And you can only open Models created in the Evaluation version for 30 days. After that time, you cannot open them but you may create a new Mã Sản Phẩm file.You cannot import the Model data or export them.Besides, you can only view output on-screen.The load cases number is limited to lớn 5.In addition, there is no user interface.You cannot vị 64-bit analysis.There is no open APIAlso, the CSiLoadOptimizer is not included in the softwareAnd external plug-ins are not included too.

Steps for getting the SAP2000 student version evaluation copy

Go to lớn the downloads page at a size to lớn evaluate SAP2000 software. So, enter your personal information, company name, and address. Also, fill your zip code, state, and country. Then, agree to lớn get emails from CSI.Next, click on the “Submit” key.You will get an email from the company in one business day.Once you get it, you will be eligible to download the software và use it.

Licenses pricing

The basic annual price is $2000. While, the annual maintenance is $350.The Plus price is $5,000. While, the maintenance is $875.Advanced price is $8,000. While the maintenance is $1,400.Ultimate price is $12,000. While và maintenance is $2,100You can learn more about license prices by visiting the price page on the website.

Ways to learn SAP2000 software for students

Visit the website. Then, open SAP2000 videos. Watch & Learn about the software. This will make you gain knowledge of structural engineering philosophy & practice.

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ConclusionEventually, in this post, we showed you how khổng lồ download the SAP2000 student version. To get the software, your professor must apply on your behalf. He must apply for you using the University email. Also, the developer’s Support will respond & make available the download link for you lớn get the limited version of the SAP2000 student version. We also told you how to apply for the evaluation copy. Do so & get the software.RELATED:How to lớn download Minitab for studentsMicrosoft Visio for Students Download – Step by step guide
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