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Cliông chồng the Windows Download button . The “SetupStata15.exe” tải về begins.When the tải về completes, clichồng khổng lồ open the “SetupStata15.exe” tệp tin from your browser or locate the tệp tin in your Downloads folder in File Explorer.You may be prompted for Admin credentials khổng lồ allow the software lớn be installed on your computer. Supply your computer’s admin tài khoản name and password và hit enter. The Stata 15 Setup wizard opens:Read the prerequisite steps và once complete, click NextRead the License Agreement terms & if you agree, select “I accept the license agreement” và clichồng Next khổng lồ proceed with the installation.Enter User Information as follows:Full Name: Type Your First và Last NameOrganization: Type “Yale”Select which account(s) on your computer you’d lượt thích khổng lồ install Stata to & click NextBe sure lớn select the Stata/IC executable và click Next:
Accept the mặc định Program Files thư mục as the Destination FolderAccept the default Working Directory option to lớn “Use Each User’s Documents Folder”Click Next to begin the installation. The installation process runs.

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When complete, you’ll receive the message “Stata 15 has been successfully installed.” Click Finish to lớn complete the installtion.Cliông chồng the Windows Start button và type “StataIC 15” khổng lồ open Stata 15The Initialize License form displays:To fill in this size, reference the Stata Licensing Information gmail you received at your Yale email address from benhvienranghammatsaigon.vnIT & enter the information as follows:Name: Your First and Last nameOrganization: YaleSerial number: as it appears in the Stata Licensing Information tin nhắn you receivedCode: as it appears in the Stata Licensing Information email you receivedAuthorization: as it appears in the Stata Licensing Information gmail you receivedCliông xã Next
Select to Register Stata Online and follow the prompts lớn complete your registration.Stata 15 opens. You will be prompted to kiểm tra for software updates, you should always keep software up-to-date. After updates, your landing screen should look similar lớn below:

Within Stata, type the following comm& into lớn the Commvà terminal at the bottom of the Stata window:

vì chưng

Important: You must include "do" on both ends of the command


 Hit enter and select YES when prompted. Your installation is successful when you receive the message “The Statistical Analysis Custom Menu has been installed”. Select OK. The User menu now looks as follows: