The escapists

The Escapists, you’ve sầu done the crime but can you survive sầu and vị the time? The Escapists is a quality prison escape sandbox game where you get khổng lồ experience a life behind bars & barbed wire fences. You’ve sầu had a life of crime but now you’re caught. With thrilling và immersive sầu gameplay, you need to create an escape route in a world of other prisoners và ruled by routine.From roll call to lights out, you’re banged up. There’s no get out of jail không lấy phí card in this game, you need to lớn break out. Are you up for the challenge or are just going lớn sit there in your cell? You need all your wits and skill to lớn bust out. No walls are going to hold you, you need to lớn escape!While under the careful watch of the guards, you’ll need to lớn get used lớn prison life while you use strategy and daring khổng lồ swipe useful objects from under their noses. Make innocent looking items inkhổng lồ useful tools like shovels for cunning escape plans or handy weapons to lớn survive in a fight.Escaping requires cunning, strategy, the right equipment và staying at least two steps ahead of the guards. Bribe và fight your way through the prison ranks. If your fellow prisoners lượt thích you enough, recruit them và create your own gang. You might even take over a prison! The guards are out to lớn stop any escape attempts, so you’ll have sầu to lớn avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job & hiding your stolen contraband.The Escapists is a thrilling sandbox strategy prison simulator that challenges you lớn bust out in a number of different ways. You want to lớn break miễn phí but you're banged up & you need to escape! How you survive and vì chưng that is up to lớn you, but when you’re out of your cell, a rigid daily schedule is designed to lớn keep you in line.

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You're expected to work at one of several jobs during the day, exercise và showers are mandatory.Features:• Addictive prison simulator game, steal spoons and forks, use them to lớn dig a tunnel out of your cell.• Over 6 themed prisons, try to lớn escape from minimum security jails or fearsome big houses lượt thích Alcatraz.• Find, steal và trade items khổng lồ create dozens of crafting combinations khổng lồ aid your escape• Use the exercise yard to increase your strength, handy for scaling walls.• Find other prisoners khổng lồ trade swag with, you’ll need duct tape, a screwdriver or nail files.• Dodge contraband detectors. if you pass through one with contraband in your pocket, the heat meter rises to lớn 99 percent.• Adapt lớn life behind the steel doors with prison routines và jobs and master the game's six penitentiaries, there are three extra prisons waiting to lớn be challenged.• Push yourself to lớn survive sầu & increase your strength, speed, & intellect. There are multiple ways to lớn break out & escape, you just need lớn find them.t need khổng lồ find them.The Escapists is tough game, just like jail. Can you dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniform khổng lồ blover in with your captors? Addictive và tense, it’s a real challenge lớn escape your first prison. Commit a few inside crimes, there are dozens of items khổng lồ find, steal và smuggle. Some are contraband you can sell or trade for more useful gear. Create clever makeshift weapons & tools, a bar of soap in a sochồng is useful in a fistfight.Materials purchased or "borrowed" from your fellow inmates are used khổng lồ craft tools and other items lượt thích wires, a bottle of bleach, a piece of timber, a bar of chocolate, a plastic comb, và much more. If you’re smart enough, you’ll figure out ways lớn make your escape. There are dozens of items lớn find & use khổng lồ get out of your cell, including a pickaxe, wire cutters, zip lines & more.The Escapists is an addictive strategy prison simulator game that challenges you lớn break out of jail. Don’t be a prisoner, be an Escapist!Download The Escapists today, it would be a crime not to. You can’t check out & you can never leave sầu, unless you have sầu an escape plan…


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