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Experience high-chất lượng TV series (HD, 4K) with Titanium TV APK. This is a completely không tính phí movie player with many useful supports & features that you should not miss.

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Introduce about Titanium TV

Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the Internet và smartphones, people can access và watch their favorite TV shows anywhere, anytime without having lớn sit in front of the TV screen. Some of the most prominent apps are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Titanium TV that I want khổng lồ recommend in this article.

As you know, Netflix và Amazon Prime Video are two of the most popular movie apps in the world. However, if you’re aiming for free, you only have one option, tải về Titanium TV on your Android device. Even so, but its features and experiences are not inferior!

What is Titanium TV?

Titanium TV is an online TV viewing application that allows you lớn watch online TV shows on your phone. Just a few steps, you can tải về this application and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, sports programs completely không lấy phí.

Experience high-chất lượng movies

Although it is a không tính tiền application, Titanium TV supports streaming video and movies in HD và 4K chất lượng. This is definitely a feature to lớn look forward to, as most free movie players or other movie apps only allow you khổng lồ watch in HD unique.


In addition, the developer also integrates two tệp tin tải về methods/services, including Trakt and Real Debrid. They support users khổng lồ retrieve unlimited nội dung during high-speed download and keep the resolution of the original Clip. As a result, you will experience the best offline movie viewing experience, with high-chất lượng picture quality.

However, there are some issues that you need lớn be aware of. First, you need a device with a sufficiently high resolution and a processor powerful enough to handle the detailed images of your videos. Second, you should prepare a third-các buổi party VPN application to lớn tải về nội dung through the two services Trakt & Real Debrid.

Explore a huge store of movies

Titanium TV has a huge content repository, always updated & added by the developer of the hottest movies every week. Currently, there are tens of thousands of không lấy phí TV programs, films, TV shows & music. Are you looking for detective sầu movies, sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, history, mystery, drama, musical, war or comic? You can tìm kiếm for it through the thực đơn displayed on the home page screen by the application.

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Titanium TV always gives suggestions about new products that will be released/updated, trending, series in the month. You just scroll down, then clichồng “more” in a certain category.

Besides, the application also collects cookies và history on your device khổng lồ suggest you videos và movies of the same genre. This is a really useful feature, for you lớn discover other content.

In addition, you can also tìm kiếm for the desired nội dung. Titanium TV’s Finder has a lot of options. Search by từ khóa or through detailed filters on genre, country, actor, …

The minimalistic interface

My first look at Titanium TV is a minimalistic design but contains all the information a user needs khổng lồ know about a movie or TV show. In the interface, you can see the categories arranged horizontally. You can swipe or click “see more” to lớn get more content.


Movies are displayed as tags, with titles and genres. When you clichồng on the movie, you can see more detailed information, including description, rating, actor, banner và trailer. This is pretty familiar if you’ve used Netflix.

Download Titanium TV APK for Android

What more could you expect with a không tính phí ứng dụng, but its features and tư vấn are not inferior khổng lồ the paid ones? Titanium TV is a great choice for you lớn enjoy your favorite movies. Watch high-quality movies, discover và tải về unlimited content.

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Currently, the APK version of Titanium TV is not available on Google Play. You can install it via the link we provide below this article.