Windows server 2008 r2 with sp1 all in one

With, you can tải về any ISO file you want. We have sầu brought you the windows hệ thống 2008 r2 iso. You can tải về Windows Server 2008 ISO tệp tin for miễn phí, by clicking on the links given below.


Here you can have sầu the ISO tệp tin of windows hệ thống 2008. By clicking on the download button you can download all the versions of Windows Server 2008 in ISO format, as it is a pachồng of all in one. One tệp tin can provide you all the versions of Windows Server 2008 ISO. Rethành viên that this is the last release of Windows Server 2008 và after this version only updates are available.

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You can use the Windows Server 2008 ISO tệp tin as VPS core. It means that the operating system will be based entirely on the server and as a result, it cuts-down the GUI. The interface that you are going lớn use will be done through the command-line interface (CLI) or remotely using Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Download iso và create bootable

First step is khổng lồ tải về Windows Server 2008 R1/R2 ISO tệp tin. As you have sầu downloaded Windows Server 2008 ISO, then you will need software like Rufus or UUI to lớn create a bootable drive sầu. As you are done with downloading the software then you should burn the ISO tệp tin on your Pen drive.

2. Reboot

As you have sầu burned the ISO tệp tin of Windows Server 2008 onyour pen drive, you will need to reboot your system.


Now, go to lớn the BIOS setting and change the booting sequence to the external drive sầu.

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Save sầu your changes & exit. As you exit the BIOS setting, your computer will reboot again.

4. Installation screen

Soon, you will be moved to the installation screen. When you have sầu reached the installation screen the following will happen:

Firstly, it will ask for Language & other preferences.Cliông chồng on Install now buttonChoose your operating system according to lớn the architecture và edition you want to lớn install. You have to choose Full installation then cliông chồng nextAccept license terms given và clichồng on nextWhich type of installation will be asked, chose custom (advanced) optionSelect your installation locationWait for the installation lớn completeCreate a user tài khoản with the password

Requirements for Windows Server 2008 R1

Minimum Requirements

There is a need for a 1GHz processor for x86 và 1.45GHz for x64 computers. 512MB of RAM & 10GB of không tính phí storage is also needed. One DVD driver and a super card VGA cable supporting 800 x 600.

Recommended Requirements

A processor of 2GHz or better is required with 2GB of RAM. 40GB of không tính phí storage is needed with a DVD drive sầu & a super cable.

Requirement for Windows Server 2008 R2

You will need at least 1.4GHZ of a processor with 2 GB of RAM for using Windows Server 2008 R2. There is at least 32Gb of storage is also needed. Both mouse, keyboard, DVD driver with 800 x 699 super cable is needed.

End of Windows Server2008 R1 and R2

By the end of January 2020, the second extended version of the Windows 2008 hệ thống will. The mainstream tư vấn was about lớn kết thúc on 13, January 2015. However, later on, they extended the support for 5 more years. However, for those who have sầu paid yearly installment for 2, or 3 years, they can use it until 2023.

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