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It"s not easy to run Windows XP.. anymore. Learn how to lớn install Windows XPhường on a virtual machine with a miễn phí Windows XP. tải về.

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Want a không tính tiền copy of Windows XP? It"s possible using a virtual machine. This article explains how.

Windows XP. is old, and Microsoft no longer provides official support for the venerable operating system. But despite the lack of support, Windows XPhường. is still running on millions of computers worldwide. Why are people still using Windows XP? Mostly due lớn work, retìm kiếm, or entertainment.

Finding a copy of Windows XPhường isn"t easy. Finding some hardware to lớn run it on is just as difficult. That"s why the best option is lớn install Windows XP.. on a virtual machine so you can keep it on hand at all times. Here"s how you do it!

Is Windows XP Really Available for Free?

For a long time, Microsoft provided Windows XP Mode, a full version of XPhường. that runs within Windows 7. However, most of us have long since moved on from Windows 7, making this compatibility fix... well, a little unhelpful.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has since removed the option to tải về Windows XPhường Mode directly. However, that doesn"t mean you"re out of luông chồng, và you can use the Windows XPhường Mode download liên kết below to grab a copy.

Before continuing with this Windows XP Mode tutorial, you need a few things:

A copy of Windows XPhường. Mode (see below).

1. Download Windows XPhường Mode Virtual Hard Disk

Download the Windows XP. Mode virtual hard disk.

When it completes, don"t install it yet!

Instead, browse to the executable, then right-clichồng & select 7-Zip > Open archive > cab from the context menu.

windows xp mode extract files
This immediately opens the executable in 7-Zip for you to lớn have sầu a poke around. There are three files:

windows xp mode files sources

windows xp mode xpm sources
Double-clichồng xpm. This is the XP Mode virtual hard drive sầu folder. It should look the same as the image below:

windows xp mode full file list
These are the files you need to lớn create the XP Mode virtual hard disk. Unfortunately, they"re Archive files & not executable files, meaning they"re currently Read-only.

You need to lớn extract these files to a new thư mục.

Select Extract from the toolbar, then press the ellipsis ibé next khổng lồ the address bar. Browse khổng lồ where you"d lượt thích lớn extract the files—your C: drive is fine—& select Make New Folder.

I"ve sầu called my folder "Windows XPhường. Mode," but the choice is yours. When you"re ready, press OK, then OK again to lớn start the extraction process. This can take a minute or two.

Head to the folder you created when the extraction process completes. You"ll see the same danh mục of files. The difference is that you can now edit these files as you see fit.

Select the tệp tin named VirtualXPVHD. Press F2 to lớn rename. Insert a period between the "P" & the "V," and press Enter, now reading VirtualXP.VHD. The tệp tin should immediately change into a virtual hard disk and the inhỏ to boot.

2. Install Windows XP Mode in a Virtual Machine

Before we completed the XP Mode virtual hard disk extraction, I asked you khổng lồ download and install VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a không tính tiền phầm mềm that allows you to run operating systems in a window.

We"re going khổng lồ install the Windows XP.. Mode virtual hard drive sầu in VirtualBox.

xuất hiện VirtualBox. Select New. At the bottom of the Create Virtual Machine window, select Expert Mode (if your window shows an option for Guided Mode, you"re already using Expert Mode). Now, give sầu your virtual machine a suitable name. If you include "XP" in the virtual machine name, the Version will automatically change lớn reflect that. Even so, double-kiểm tra the Version is Windows XP (32-bit). Assign the virtual machine some memory. Memory is a shared resource, meaning both the host (your PC) và the guest (the virtual machine) use it concurrently. Luckily, Windows XPhường. is old & doesn"t require buckets of RAM to run. I would advise assigning a minimum of 512 MB (but you won"t need more than 2048 MB). Finally, you need to lớn assign the virtual hard disk we extracted from the Windows XP Mode executable earlier. Under Hard disk, select Use an existing virtual hard disk file. Then, hit the folder with the green arrow. Browse lớn the folder we extracted our files to, select VirtualXP, then Open.

When you"re done, your new virtual machine setup should look like this:

3. Windows XPhường Mode Disk Settings

Before you boot up your shiny new Windows XPhường virtual machine, you need to tweak a few settings.

On the VirtualBox toolbar, press Settings. Head to System. Look at the Boot Order. Uncheck Floppy, và move it down the menu. Promote Hard Disk khổng lồ the top of the pile. Just like your host PC, the virtual machine has a specific boot order. You need the virtual hard disk at the top of the các mục, so it boots first:

Windows XP Virtual Machine Network Settings

Next, check the Windows XP virtual machine network settings. Older versions of VirtualBox required a more manual approach to lớn network configuration. The software is smarter these days (read: automated) và usually picks up your network settings without prompt.

For instance, my Windows XPhường Mode virtual machine works using the default configuration: using NAT, the VirtualBox-specific adapter, & ensuring Cable Connected is checked.

However, if it doesn"t work (and you"ll realize the good or bad news in a moment when you fire up the virtual machine), you can try an alternative configuration.

Set Attached to: Host-only Adapter Set Name: VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter Set Promiscuous Mode: Deny Check Cable connected

Using the Start Menu search bar, type network & select the Network and Sharing Centre. In the left-hand column, select Change adapter settings. Hold CTRL và select both your Ethernet/wireless thẻ and the VirtualBox Host-Only Network. Then, right-clichồng and select Bridge Connection.

"Combining" the adapters creates a network bridge, allowing the virtual machine to connect khổng lồ a network even though it doesn"t have sầu direct access to the router (or alternative switch).

When you enter the virtual machine, you"ll have sầu to lớn update your network adapter settings:

Head lớn Control Panel > Network and internet Connections > Network Connections.

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Then, right-click the Local Area Connection and select Properties. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then select Properties. Select Use the following IPhường address, & enter an available IPhường. address for your home network. For instance, I will enter Enter your Subnet mask and Default gateway. Unsure what they are? On your host machine, press Windows Key + R, then type CMD, & hit Enter. Now, type ipconfig /all. You"ll find the information you need listed under your Ethernet or wireless adapter name. Enter the same DNS hệ thống addresses as the host. I use Google DNS, so I"ll enter and Hit OK.

4. Run the Windows XP Virtual Machine

You extracted the virtual hard disk. You created a virtual machine, fiddled with the settings, & now you"re ready to lớn hit the power switch.

Highlight your Windows XPhường Mode virtual machine on the main VirtualBox window. Double-clichồng it and wait for Windows XP to burst inlớn life:

Looks lượt thích you made it!

There is a strong possibility that your mouse will not immediately work with the Windows XPhường Mode virtual machine. Navigate the operating system installation pages using the Tab key, arrow keys, Spacebar, and Enter key.

Complete the installation. You"ll arrive at a completely blachồng screen. Don"t worry! Press Right Ctrl + R khổng lồ restart the virtual machine.

When it reboots, you can Cancel the New Hardware Installation and Microsoft Automatic Update wizards.

Instead, head lớn Devices > Install Guest Additions CD Image. The VirtualBox Guest Additions CD Image adds some handy functionality to lớn VirtualBox, including custom resolutions & mouse options.

If the installation doesn"t begin automatically, use the keyboard khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ My Computer. Press the Windows Key lớn open the Start menu, then the arrow keys to My Computer. Use the mặc định installation location & wait for the setup to complete

You will encounter warnings that you are attempting lớn install unsupported software and/or drivers. Select Continue Anyway. The installation process does take a little while, needing periodic đầu vào to lớn move past the software warnings.

Once the Guest Additions installation completes, select Reboot now.

If it fails to lớn reboot, restart the virtual machine again.

And there you have it. A working, fully-featured Windows XP installation to lớn Điện thoại tư vấn your own.

What About Windows XPhường. Product Keys?

The Windows XPhường. Mode virtual machine has a temporary license that expires after 30 days.

If you have sầu an old Windows XP.. license, dig it out và enter it khổng lồ try to lớn keep the virtual machine alive sầu. I say "try" because the Windows XP.. activation servers are long offline, but you can try a phone activation.

If you feel devious, you could try the old Windows activation loop, whereby you rephối the trial license baông chồng lớn its original 30-day counter. However, I haven"t tried it with the Windows XPhường Mode virtual machine, so you will have to lớn conduct a private experiment.

But the easier solution is to lớn create a snapshot of the Windows XP.. Mode virtual machine straight after installation.

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Then, when the license expires, you can revert to your fresh snapshot (but you"ll thua thảm all the data on the virtual machine, so bear that in mind).

Without snapshots, you"ll have lớn keep reinstalling the Windows XP. Mode virtual machine.

Windows XP.. Is Not Secure

cảnh báo that just because you have sầu Windows XP working doesn"t mean you should use it! Windows XP.. is no longer suitable as a primary operating system because of the security risks. If you are still running Windows XPhường on your trang chủ computer or máy tính xách tay, you should consider upgrading khổng lồ a modern operating system.

How khổng lồ Tweak Windows XPhường. and Stop Worrying About the Apocalypse Are you forced khổng lồ stay with Windows XP? Using an unsupported operating system is risky, but don"t despair! We show you how you can carry on running Windows XP, if you must.