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WWE 2K20 is a Clip game based on professional wrestling that was created by Visual Concepts. The publisher of this game is 2k sports. It was launched all over the world on 22nd October 2019 for PlayStation 4, Windows as well as Xbox One. In the entire series of the WWE game, this is the twenty-first game and the seventh under the banner of WWE 2K banner. 

2kđôi mươi is a continuation of the WWE 2K19. This is the only game in the series, which has not been developed by the Yuke’s who was the developer of every entry in this game series since its emergence in 2000. The Visual Concepts made a replacement of them, who had earlier also worked as co-workers with Yuke’s. 

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What is WWE 2Kđôi mươi about? 

WWWE 2Kđôi mươi is the only game in the WWE series, which has been entirely created by Visual Concepts. All the earlier editions of this game were developed by the Yuke’s. The background music of this game was curated by Eminem. Conversations with the eminent rapper fell after the news got leaked before the time it was declared authorized. 

The game was initially launched on 5th August 2019, which has a trailer launch declaring Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch as lead stars. This remarked the very first edition in the series of WWE which showcased a female lead star. 

The reader’s edition of the SmackDown, 20th Anniversary issue, showcased the reverting of Chymãng cầu as a viable character who has not been presented in any WWE video clip game since the emergence of WWF SmackDown 2 Know Your Role in the year 2000. The game also showcased the revival of WWE Famer hall, Hulk Hogan, who was last seen in WWE 2K15. 


The 2k showcase mode of WWE 2Kkđôi mươi keeps revolving all around the Four Horsewomen of WWE namely Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Sasha Banks. There is also a 2k towers mode, which was launched for the first time in WWE 2K19 & was reverted khổng lồ the entire series. WWE 2Kđôi mươi showcases a female story apart from the male story which was the initial one for 2k. 

There was a return of the WWE towers mode in which one amongst the towers focused around the Roman Reigns with competitions featuring distinctive commentary from the Extreme Rules in the year 2013 to Stomping Grounds in the year 2019. 

Features of WWE 2K20

There are a lot of gaming enthusiasts who are crazy for wrestling đoạn phim games và the majority of them have tried playing games of the WWE series. This edition of the WWE series has some unique features which were not there in the former editions of this game series. 

Here are some extraordinary features of this the WWE 2K20: 


Inter-dimensional domain 

WWE 2k19 has a multiplayer mode for your character. The game of this year offers an inter-dimensional domain that opens up some attractive sầu environments in the game for you. 

WWWE 2Ktrăng tròn got a lot of criticism with the critics marking out a regression in terms of unique in comparison to the predecessor. The game has gained notoriety since then in both gaming as well as wrestling community for it lags and bags at technical and launch concerns. The successor of this game is WWE 2K Battlegrounds was launched in September 20trăng tròn khổng lồ both positive và negative Reviews. 

WWE 2Ktrăng tròn PC Game Download

NameInitial Release DatePublisherSeriesModes
WWE 2K20
22 October 2019
 2K Games, 2K Sports