Zombie tsunami v 4

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Zombie Tsunami
Mobigame S.A.R.L.

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Unlimited Coins/Diamond
July 13, 2021 (1 week ago)

A world full of fearsome monsters appears before the player’s eyes và gives them a fascinating role in Zombie Tsunami. Players will be the invaders và try lớn survive as long as possible to spread fear aý muốn other humans. At the same time, in playing, you will not ignore the exciting gameplay that the game brings along with the ongoing events.



This game has an exciting mission system that anyone will take the time lớn complete. There are different types of missions, & their difficulty is also completely different. So, when you complete any task, the essence of the task will be poured inlớn a glass jar with many different shapes. When you fill these experiment jars, an amount of money will appear, & later the amount of money you receive sầu will also be more.

During the gameplay, you will certainly not ignore the event that is currently appearing inside the Zombie Tsunami; each sự kiện will have an exciting way to play besides the pure gameplay in the game. In addition, it is also an opportunity for players lớn find some new items and new mechanics that the updated versions are intended to lớn bring a terrifying new power to these zombies. So that’s why you shouldn’t miss the happening events.



Players will enter a world full of zombies with pale appearances và continuously moving khổng lồ find each child. For some reason, the zombies’ number is scattered around the world; anyone can see when passing through any area. At the same time, you will not be the ones trying khổng lồ find a way to lớn run away from these entities, but a group of zombies who are always trying to lớn run & overcome many other obstacles lớn turn humans inlớn their comrades.

Players will control these zombies to lớn move in a 2D environment and avoid all that can cause harm. It is an infinite runner game, so there is absolutely no limit khổng lồ your challenges. At the same time, there will always be unexpected elements during the game, so always be careful và pay attention to lớn the number of your zombies because if the number returns to zero, the màn chơi will immediately stop.

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One of the favorite properties of zombies that you often see on screen is turning humans into lớn their kind through bites. It is also reproduced inside Zombie Tsunamày but becomes quicker. Specifically, those who are bitten by them and fall into lớn their group will immediately turn into lớn zombies and continue khổng lồ move sầu forward. You will try khổng lồ increase the number of these zombies to lớn overcome the challenge of the màn chơi.

There are many ways to increase their numbers, such as biting as many people as possible or attacking vehicles. People who stvà alone often appear in the game và quickly attaông chồng them with just a few taps. At the same time, the people who appear in the truyền thông are sometimes the problem that you will need khổng lồ pay attention khổng lồ. Each vehicle will need a certain number of zombies to lớn destroy them, & large objects lượt thích tanks and planes are the two most challenging things to destroy in the game.


Increasing the number of zombies is sometimes also a necessary element in this game because after reaching a certain number of brains, you will receive sầu a lottery ticket. It will give sầu you many impressive sầu rewards. At the same time, you should also be careful lớn extover the time you play in the game khổng lồ collect as much brain as possible. In addition, over time, your speed will increase, & the bombs or vehicles going in the opposite direction will appear more & more.


When you experience Zombie Tsunangươi, you will inevitably encounter a Trắng box with a question mark, và when you touch it, a new power will be sent to lớn you. These powerups will help you avoid some obstacles that can knoông xã out your buổi tiệc ngọt members. At the same time, each power has its interesting point, such as zombies that turn into ninjas that can double jump in the air or turn into a Long that can make spitfire.

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But the power that you get at the beginning of the game is not the maximum strength. In other words, if you don’t upgrade them, your forces can sometimes be injured easily, và you can’t take advantage of special skills through new upgrades. So you will spkết thúc time upgrading the necessary things in the cửa hàng, và the items in the shop are also completely diverse such as upgrading zombies, upgrading power, & many other things lớn serve your màn chơi.